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Worship Ministry

Associate Pastor – Worship

First Baptist Kingsland
Posted: 09/13/2022



Develop and Maintain budgets for ministry areas.


Encourage and Support the other ministries of the church.


Attend meetings/events as directed.


Find and develop a relationship with a mentor and be willing to serve as a mentor to others


Fulfill other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Elders.




Be on time, prepared and motivated to give God your absolute best at every opportunity.


Input and arrange all slides into presentation software for worship services and special events.


Serve as a supervisor and provide oversight/leadership to the Audio/Video Director.

Recruit and train the Audio/Video Director and all helpers/assistants.


Always have responsibilities covered or find a replacement


Run the weekly rehearsal and make sure all team members know the music and are prepared.


Schedule musicians and select appropriate songs for the services and special events.


Know all songs and lyrics well enough to not have to be completely dependent on using sheet music or confidence monitors.


Become familiar with instruments parts to insure the other musicians are playing what they are supposed to and in turn know their parts and have the ability to play them.


Manage the worship team during sound check and make sure they are focused and respectful of the audio/video director’s needs and requests.


Develop an annual or semi-annual choral presentation.


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