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ASSOCIATE PASTOR – Youth & Families – Community Missionary

Luma Bible Church
Posted: 05/31/2022
Salary/Range: 55,000 - 65,000
Centennial, CO

How much life does Jesus give the church? 

How much life does the church give to Jesus?





The CHURCH is a life-giving & life-receiving community. 

Utterly unique.  


Maybe you agree with the principle of the idea? The sentiment of it? Maybe you believe it in an aspirational sense, but not lived it? If this simple declarative statement is true (we believe it is), shouldn’t we look/feel/act/live differently? Why does this elude our experience? If the church is the communion of lives to Christ and to one-another – why do we see and experience so little of this…“communing” in the thing we call “church”? 



A people who believe, from God’s Word, that this utterly unique group is meant to bring glory to God by living whole-lives surrendered to Christ in the community of called-and-gathered people (the church). We hold tenaciously to the Scriptures, we teach and gather around the Gospel, and we are unapologetically submitted to the authority of the Word over all life, in the midst of the clamor and fodder of the world. We are focused on holding up and clinging to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the singular hope of man and the power of God for salvation against the demands of culture, and the pull of pragmatism. The church is the real, living-and-breathing manifestation of the Kingdom in the world and we (the people of the Church) are the Gospel made visible, a light in the darkness, a city on a hill.  


Pouring out our lives for one another to the glory of God to cultivate and mature disciples: from breaking of soil and scattering seed, to the harvest of fruit in day-by-day lives of faith.



We are seeking someone who values our values, sees our vision and who will come alongside to hold fast to truth, to be driven by more than attendance and applause, who will live and teach the Scriptures, avoid pragmatism, fight the war not the battle – and most importantly – are called to be leaders in the gathering, shepherding, living, and loving toward this vision. 


A blurb about philosophy of ministry – Churches tend to create silos to oversee a particular program or set of programs that are narrowly focused and targeted and address only a small portion of the lives of people. We believe that this leads to unhealthy pursuits and false successes and trains pastors to pursue what will help the ministry survive and grow organizationally, not necessarily what will advance the Gospel or disciple believers. Often ministry is being measured not by the health and growth of the people, but instead by the time/resources captured by a specific ministry from the people. This is a complete reversal of the intended function of ministry and places “success” and focus on the ministry itself, instead of the people. 
LUMA is focused on people as the purpose of the ministry, not a ministry as the purpose of the people. We pursue whole-life ministry.
PREEMPTING THE PHARISEES  – We have not arrived – LUMA is pursuing this vision. Don’t read our dedication and conviction to Scripture and the mission as dry-toast seriousness, and academic stuffiness. Don’t mistake our emphasis on being a Biblical community as Christian code for being the clique of the frozen-chosen. We practice and value creativity. We live our lives as outreach. We build relationships in food, fun and activities.


This associate position joins the pastor and elder team to serve the church in advancing the mission of the Gospel in the community of faith as well as the community abroad through discipleship among the body and evangelism to the world.


Responsible for ministry to students 7th-12th grade and their families. Planning, fostering, and implementing a whole-life, whole-family discipleship ministry.


Responsible (with pastor and elders) for care within the community of believers as well as the surrounding community through evangelistic efforts and service opportunities.



Whole-life broadens the scope and range of the ministry and outreach beyond the limitations of specific times, and activities in which traditional ministry “programs” operate. Whole-life instead, embraces that the life(style) is the ministry target, not the ministry. The purpose is to apply the reality that Christianity is not something we “do”  (like an activity we participate in), or limited to a certain time (like something we attend), but it is instead the reality that Christianity means WHOLE lives are an expression of Christ – in us.



Whole-family ministry similarly broadens the reach of the youth-ministry to include the families of students and the surrounding community of non-believers. God intends the church to be the support and broader community for the individuals, while a family/home is the primary instrument and sphere of discipleship and growth for children/youth. This means embracing and coming alongside parents/guardians as the means to disciple and train youth/children and helping  families become the catalyst for outreach to their community.


ESSENTIALS: You don’t need to be perfect or complete – but these are required

  • Passionate for God’s Word, His Glory and the Gospel
  • Evidence of a life in pursuit of growing relationship with Christ
  • Qualified Biblically as a pastor/overseer
  • Conviction on Biblical values and core beliefs (with ability to articulate)
  • Exuberance for and commitment to locality of LUMA and a love for the people
  • Reformed soteriology
  • Respect for the leadership of the church and openness and humility for mentoring 
  • Sense of humor



  • Energetic
  • Sense of humor
  • Creative
  • Relational
  • Loyal



  • Academic training
  • Married
  • Sense of humor
  • Experience in/with church planting
  • Creative/entrepreneurial
  • Self-starter
  • Youth ministry experience



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