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Associate Pastor/ Youth Pastor

Northland Community Church
Posted: 03/02/2023
McBain, MI

Bible loving church in search of an associate pastor that has a desire to lead with a focus on Jr high and high school youth. Looking for someone passionate about leading people in the community and home church to Christ by loving people into the kingdom.



  • Those found for any Overseer/Elder/Shepherd. Principles found in I Timothy 3:1-12,

Titus 1:5-9 and I Peter 5:1-4.


  • Must be an active member of NCC with approval of the Senior Pastor and Elder Team.

He must be growing in Christ, and personally developing in passion and skill.  He must also

possess a passion for teens and families at NCC and for unchurched/unsaved teens and

families of the surrounding communities.


  • Public confession that he has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; that Jesus died for his sins; that God raised Him from the dead and that His shed blood is the only hope of

salvation and eternal life.


  • Demonstration in his life that he has been born again through evidence of a changed life

and evidence of the fruit of the Spirit of God.


  • The evidence of spiritual gifts demonstrated by the ability and willingness to teach and

communicate the Word of God in a clear, practical manner.


  • Having a teachable spirit.


  • Completed a minimum of two years of higher education and be working to complete a

Bachelor’s Degree in the area of Pastor/Christian Education/Youth.


  • Demonstrate basic administrative abilities, computer skills and appropriate use of social media technologies.






  • Develop Youth and Family Ministry goals, ministries and leadership consistent with the vision of our church. General responsibilities to include volunteer staff recruitment and training and curriculum coordination.


  • Oversee and develop all Youth ministries.


  • Utilize other spiritual gifts as opportunities arise.


  • Report to the Deacon and Elder Teams on a monthly basis.


  • Plan, organize, lead, train and evaluate ministries to accomplish these goals. Choose

like-minded leaders who will also follow the church’s vision and mission given by God.


  • Encourage Christ-like thinking and character consistent in the basics of Christian

growth through teaching and modeling.  This also applies to the leaders of the youth

ministry and, in turn, the youth.


  • Foster an atmosphere of strong relational bonding that promotes a family/community atmosphere where everyone feels at home, important and functional and a part of something significant.


  • Encourage the youth to be involved in the service of our church. Suggest ways that the

youth can serve where they will feel a part of the worship and service of the church.


  • Operate within the approved youth budget. Continually evaluate the budget and

recommend changes based on God’s leading to ministries.


  • Develop Christian Education Team members by helping them set goals and assigns

leadership roles as they progress.


  • Continually monitors spiritual progress and leadership potential of each teen through input by leaders and discernment from God.


  • Encourage and plan service activities within local communities in addition to mission trips.


  • Be available for one-on-one discipleship, leadership training, counseling with parents and any other way God allows ministry with people to take place.


  • Be available to preach as needed in place of the Senior Pastor
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