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Youth and Children's Ministry

Children and Family Ministry Director – North Metro Congregation

Fellowship Denver Church - North Metro
Posted: 09/14/2022
Salary/Range: $44,000-$72,000

The Opportunity

The Children and Family Ministry Director of the North Metro Congregation will work alongside FDC North Metro pastors, and will be the primary leader of Sunday environments for children and special programming for families.

The North Metro area is located 25-30 minutes from Fellowship Denver’s original congregation on South Broadway and includes the communities of Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Westminster, Thornton and Broomfield. It is home to people who work in Denver and Boulder and is a mix of established families and newer, younger residents.

Fellowship Denver Church has a thriving ministry to children and families at its South Broadway location. The North Metro CFM utilizes the same philosophy of ministry and processes that have been developed at South Broadway. We have approximately 50-60 children between the ages of 6 months to 10 years participating in our ministry. The North Metro CFM Director will work closely with and be trained by the South Broadway CFM Director. They will receive support in curriculum resources and volunteer best-practices.

Job Responsibilities
The congregation is part of the larger Fellowship Denver Church (“one church, two congregations”). However, since this is a new congregation it is helpful to think of this role as having some “start-up” characteristics.

Children and Family Ministry Team

  • Oversight of the CFM leadership team at North Metro
  • North Metro volunteer recruitment, training and appreciation
  • Work alongside South Broadway CFM Director to learn processes and best practices

Sunday Classes for Students 0 yrs – 5th Grade

  • Coordinate and oversee 3-4 Sunday morning children’s classes
  • Evaluate and implement curriculum for the children’s classes
  • Maintain supplies and resources for CFM classrooms

CFM Administration (Implementing system from South Broadway)

  • Planning Center Online for volunteer scheduling, children check-in and parental communication
  • Ministry calendar
  • Background checks

Characteristics for Success
In order to effectively oversee CFM in both the pre-launch and launch phases, the CFM Director must have the following competencies:

  • Spiritual Vitality – The ministry leader should take personal responsibility for having a relationship with Jesus Christ marked by immersion in Scripture and private prayer. The leader’s driving ambition should be the beauty and glory of God and the gospel.
  • Learning – Fellowship Denver’s approach to ministry requires leaders to be constant learners who can integrate insight from the following areas into a coherent missiology: theology, culture, spiritual formation, organizational development, and contextualization for children and families.
  • Communication – The job will require an organized approach to communicating with a large network of people. The CFM Director should be proficient in all forms of electronic communication and be able to respond quickly to a high volume of incoming messages.
  • Organization – The job will require organizing and executing multiple projects and scheduling time according to priority. The director will need to be able to prioritize both home and work life in a way that is sustainable.
  • People Development – The ideal CFM director will have a bent toward seeing and developing potential in people and coming alongside them as a “coach” and “counselor” to help them grow up to maturity in Christ and in their own leadership.
  • Support – The CFM Director should be able to gladly work with and support the North Metro Congregation to extend the vision of Fellowship Denver. They should be able to be gladly involved in the life of the church outside of formal ministry responsibilities and activities.
  • Adaptability – The job will require successfully working through multiple phases of organizational growth and change. Our expectation is that job descriptions will change as the congregation changes. The CFM Director will also be excited about working in an environment where “quick pivots” in ministry strategy may be necessary and where unexpected interruptions and obstacles can occur.
  • Emotional Maturity – The CFM Director will lead in a highly relational environment, which will require emotional skills such as: having a clear sense of own thoughts, feelings, and priorities; ability to discuss tense subjects by stating own position while allowing others to share their opinion; proactively resolving conflict; admitting fault and seeking forgiveness; gently confronting sin and error; knowing when to seek negotiated solutions vs. win/lose solutions; knowing when not to negotiate or compromise core values; forgiving others and addressing own emotional wounds.

Ideal candidates will meet the following qualifications:

  • 5+ years of full-time, professional work experience in a church, parachurch, nonprofit or business environment
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in professional experience

Job Details

  • Reports to Lead Pastor of North Metro Congregation
  • Works closely with Director of Children & Family Ministry at South Broadway
  • Hours & Pay: PT/FT work schedule. Job described is 32 hours per week for essential responsibilities with flexibility for FT (40 Hours) if desired by the candidate with a willingness to add hours into family ministry.
  • Salary: $44,000-$72,000 depending on experience. Eligibility to designate a portion of salary to ministerial housing allowance
  • Paid time off: 25* personal days per year (based on FT status; will be prorated for PT), 5 days sick leave. Christmas week (Dec 26-31) and Normal Holidays.
  • Benefits: Eligible to participate in group health and dental plans with employer contribution; Eligible to participate in FDC’s retirement plan, with employer matching. Allowances for cell phone, books and resources, meetings, conferences and training.

Interested Applicants
Please submit your resume, contact information, and cover letter to


About Fellowship Denver Church

Mission, Vision, Values
Fellowship Denver has both a Public Mission and Strategic Vision. The public vision helps us describe our church to our friends and community. The strategic vision helps our leaders envision and plan ministry direction.

We help people discover the original Jesus” is our public mission.

  • “Jesus” is a conversational way of describing to someone who is not Christian or skeptical of church what we’re all about in an intriguing way.
  • “Original” Jesus accomplishes two things: (1) It acknowledges the suspicion many Denverites carry that Christianity as it’s practiced in America today is not what Jesus envisioned; (2) It provides a segue to explain why we believe the authority of Scripture and are orthodox in our theology – because these are the best ways we access the original Jesus.
  • This mission statement is intentionally others-focused. It describes our mission in a way that others can see themselves inside of (“I want to discover the original Jesus”), not how we want them to help us accomplish something.

To see a gospel movement that fills Denver with disciples of Jesus” is our strategic vision.

  • Denver is one of the least-churched cities in the U.S., largely “post-Christian” in orientation while experiencing rapid growth. The institutional Church is weaker here than it is in many more established U.S. cities. The spiritual need is great.
  • The gospel is the power of God and our only confidence in this climate.
  • Movement reminds us that it will take many churches, gospel ministries, and leaders to change the spiritual climate of Denver. It will also take multiple generations.
  • Making disciples keeps us grounded in the mission of Jesus and includes both evangelism and discipleship.
  • This mission statement keeps us focused on discipleship, multiplication, and gospel advancement.

The gospel” is our primary value.
“Gospel” is the word Jesus used to summarize his mission and message. Then, his disciples used it to capture the essence of his life, death, and resurrection. When we get the gospel, we get the original Jesus.

Jesus died for our sin and rose again to a new kind of life that can never die again. All who are joined to him are reconciled to God and saved into his Kingdom, where the power of sin is broken, death is dead, and the world is put back together. We are now disciples of this kingdom.

How do we make sure we’ve got the original gospel? How do we grow as disciples? Our secondary values speak to this:

  • Contend AND Contextualize
  • Scripture AND Orthodoxy
  • Doctrine AND Life
  • Words AND Deeds
  • Personal faith AND Church
  • Transformation AND Grace

Philosophy of Ministry
Here are the key ideas and streams of theology that have shaped our philosophy of ministry:

Christ-centered biblical theology – the way of reading Scripture that takes Jesus as the interpretive key to its entirety

Expository preaching that’s culturally and pastorally aware – the style of preaching whose purpose is to exposit the meaning of a text or passage, both in its original context and in its Christological significance and seeks to connect that message to a longing, problem, idea, or need that’s present within our contemporary world.

Missional church – leading the church through the lens of missiology, seeking to understand both how the gospel needs to be disenculturated and enculturated in order to reach people in our current context.

Fellowship – communities of people sharing the life of Jesus through Scripture, testimony, prayer, food, celebration, practical care, and generosity.

Leadership development – identifying potential in people, calling it out, and developing it

We are a Multi-Congregational Church
Launching the North Metro congregation represents our first step in becoming multi-congregational – a ministry model that we hope continues to grow beyond the two congregations.

Characteristics of a Multi-Congregational Church

  • The whole church shares a common DNA, including shared vision, values, and theology.
  • Each congregation is charged with fleshing out the church’s vision in their context, giving freedom for local mission.
  • Each congregation has a pastoral and ministry team that serves their specific congregation. The CFM Director at North Metro works with churchwide CFM leaders to help shape the direction and vision of this ministry.
  • Children’s classes are organized and contextualized on an age-appropriate basis.

Organization & Leadership
Our multi-congregational Children and Family Ministry will be organized and led in three main categories. Some aspects will be CENTRALIZED (created by a central resources team and provided to each congregation.), some STANDARDIZED (having a common standard or philosophy), and some LOCALIZED (one congregation might do them and another congregation doesn’t do them or does them differently because of their local situation).


  • Curriculum
  • Summer programming*
  • Website / Kids Ministry webpage


  • Safety policies and procedures
  • Planning Center Online (check-in and volunteer scheduling)
  • Volunteer recruitment, onboarding, training, scheduling and care


  • Sunday classroom age groupings
  • Curriculum printing & supply prep
  • Non- Sunday events*
  • Family Ministry expressions
  • Congregational ministry calendar
  • Parent communication
  • Sunday classroom age groupings

*Events and Community Engagement can be centralized and/or localized. Centralized events will be planned collaboratively and held for both congregations together. Localized events will be geared toward the immediate community.

To Apply: