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Youth and Children's Ministry

Children’s Minister

First Christian Church
Posted: 06/01/2022
Salary/Range: Minimum Salary $16,000
Laramie, Wyoming

Job Title: Children’s Minister
Status: Part-Time (20 hours per week), Starting salary $16,000
Supervisor: Senior Pastor

If interested in applying for this position, submit cover letter and resume in person or via email at The position will close when the position is filled.

The Children’s Minister will meet the biblical qualifications of a deacon as described in 1 Timothy 3:8-13 and is responsible for effectively developing, organizing and supervising the children’s ministry. He or she will have excellent team building, administrative and leadership skills. This person will prioritize and have an aptitude for building relationships in order to select and train volunteers to come alongside him/her in leading the ministry.

Areas of Responsibility
All ministry related to children age birth through 5th grade including
o Children’s Church
o Nursery
o Children’s Sunday School
o Outreach events
o Childcare for various church events as needed

Primary Duties
Team Building
Develop a unified team of volunteers fully qualified to serve the Lord by serving one another.
· Invite, train and empower volunteers to become effective leaders within the children’s ministry.
· Establish community among volunteers through team building activities and regular communication that will equip, encourage and build trust and ownership amongst the team.
· Share the responsibilities of ministry by delegating tasks and leadership roles to team members.
· Encourage volunteers to be engaged in the lives of the children through prayer and personal connection.
· Follow up with people interested in volunteering.
· Encourage, thank, and appreciate children’s ministry volunteers.

· Communicate regularly with parents regarding expectations, procedures, events, behavioral issues and other pertinent information.
· Inform the congregation and encourage families to participate in children’s ministry through the use of newsletter, flyers, announcements, meetings and other means of communication.
· Maintain records of children and their families.
· Develop, communicate and implement policies and procedures for use in children’s ministry.
· Provide resources for parents and families as needed.
· Prepare all curriculum for use in children’s ministry.
· Oversee the setup and operation of all children’s ministry environments on Sunday morning.
· Ensure the cleanliness and organization of spaces for children’s ministry.
· Facilitate summer programming opportunities such as Eagle Lake On Location.
· Oversee the children’s ministry budget.
· Participate in staff meetings, board meetings, and other meetings as scheduled.

· Lead children and their families to follow Jesus through teaching both the Bible and practices that facilitate growth in Christ.
· Prioritize personal and professional growth by seeking out and participating in training opportunities for one’s development as the children’s minister.
· Practice self-awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses and seek feedback from colleagues and team members.

Personal Responsibilities
1. Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, your children third and the ministry fourth.
2. Be loyal to the vision and staff of FCC and always protect the unity of the church.
3. Invest and invite the lost to know Jesus and come to FCC.

We are a team, modeling community for our church. We’ll celebrate each other’s victories, pray for each other, and treat each other with respect. We’ll do life together.

Life on Mission
People will know us both inside the office and out of the office. We will do the things that matter most first, and not overlook the important for the urgent. Ministry is not a profession, it is a calling, which means we are always ambassadors for Christ in a fallen world.

Team Ministry
We can accomplish more together than we can individually. We are not a federation of sub-ministries and realize that we all have a part in the overall vision of the church. We will communicate with each other and collaborate with each other. We will respect each other’s roles and positions.

Right Priorities
We will meet with God every day. We will cast off our work in ministry and the church before we minimize our first priorities to God and our families. We will work hard so we can honor our days off. We never take our staff hat off and realize that people are always watching.

Retreat and Relax
We will retreat once a year as a staff. We will retreat once a year by ourselves.
We will use our vacation time and seek a rhythm of space seeking rest.

People Matter
People matter more than programs, buildings and budgets, but not more than Biblical principles and Gospel purpose. We will respond to people quickly when they contact us. We will spend time investing in lives, pouring ourselves out to love our neighbor.


The Portrait of a Leader at FCC

Enthusiastic. This leader has an obvious passion for the Lord and for ministry.
Encouraging. Encourage others to lead and serve the Lord through various ministries
Flexible. This leader has learned how to make adjustments without allowing a situation to fall apart should things not occur as expected.
Innovative. Not afraid to take risks if God has led to step out of the “norm” and do things that have never been done before.
Available. Allows God to direct time and priorities to serve Him wholeheartedly.
Delegator. Knows how to allow others to take responsibilities without watching over every detail. Allows other leaders the freedom to be creative.
Listener. Knows how to listen to those being led; hears and understands their hearts.
Teachable. Continues to learn and is open to new ideas and ways of doing things.
Trainer. Takes advantage of teachable moments and strives to equip others for service.
Nurturer/Discipler. More concerned about the people in one’s care rather than the programs created.
Transparent. This leader is transparent about one’s own failures and weaknesses so those they lead will be able to come to them when they struggle.
Accountable. Allows and expects the Lord and others to hold them accountable for their leadership and spiritual walk.
Evaluator. Continually evaluates activities, studies, leaders, and ministries to make sure they are effective and current.
Dependable. This leader will stand by commitments and consistently be prepared

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