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Church Planter

Synergy Kansas Network
Posted: 03/21/2022

Our Next Church Planter

We are in the process of identifying our next church planter. A few of the key competencies that we are looking for in our next church planter are:

·        A Person Who Consistently Experiences God

·        A Person Who Personally Engages Faith & Non-Faith People

·        A Person Who Effectively Works With & Through Others

·        A Person Who He Gets Things Done

·        A Person Who Is Coachable

·        A Person Who Is Wired for Church Planting

Our Next Place to Plant

Over the span of twelve weeks, a team of fourteen people from the Synergy Kansas network conducted a Target Analysis Process (TAP Team) to determine El Dorado, KS as the target community for our next church planting endeavor. El Dorado is a community of approximately 13,000 people located 25 miles east of Wichita, KS. To be productive, our church next planter will need to be compatible with the community. He will need to be someone who is community-oriented, engages with the local schools, the small business community, as well as the Community College.

Our Church Planting Plan

Our church planting process involves the following components:

1.     Discovering your Readiness to Plant – Church Planter Evaluation

2.     Preparing your Plan – Church Planter Training Camp

3.     Funding the Plant – Synergy Kansas Network

4.     Tracking your Progress – Church Planting Coach

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