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Communications/Office Team Lead

Calvary Church
Posted: 12/09/2021
Salary/Range: Starting at $15,000—$21,000 per year, depending on experience

JOB SUMMARY The Communication/Office Team Lead serves the mission of God and of Calvary Church by recruiting, training, overseeing, and coordinating volunteers who provide quality communication to the congregation, a warm and caring presence and assistance to those who visit the office, and support for the administrative functions of the church. The Communication/Office Team Lead supports the clergy and lay staff by their presence at staff and other meetings to keep abreast of needs for communication and administrative support. The Communication/Office Team Lead must be a follower of Christ and have a living faith, and be able to inspire others to a life of discipleship and mission.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Recruits, trains, deploys, and supports three distinct volunteer teams: -The Weekday Welcome Team provides a warm, caring presence, and assists; those seeking food and financial assistance, and Calvary members and other visitors they also answer the office phone with our phone etiquette and functions

-The Communications Team; develops and maintains effective communication in a changing culture and circumstance, including smartphone app maintenance website maintenance use of MyCalvary or other electronic communication follows Calvary’s style guide and ensures appropriate editing/proofing – The Administration Team performs administrative tasks and processes for the smooth functioning of the church office provides administrative support for the Calvary staff Bulletin Production

– Oversee volunteer production of quality bulletins and slideshows for weekend worship, including proofing and printing Produce bulletins for special occasions (weddings, funerals, etc) Office Support

– Monitor the office email account and voicemail messages; forward to staff as needed

– Proactively seek to move administrative functions to simple, repeatable, and automated tasks volunteers can oversee

– Along with the Executive Pastor, coordinate facility use for non-wedding/paid outside group use – Develop and utilize a related ministry budget

– Participate in staff meetings, staff prayer, staff development, and team-building

Supervises: Volunteer Teams

Supervisor: Executive Pastor

Conditions and Compensation – Half-time position (20hrs/wk) – Compensation starting at $15,000—$21,000 per year, depending on experience – 6-month reviewable trial period – Professional Expenses and benefits per Calvary Employee Manual

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