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Director of Ministries

Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Posted: 08/11/2022
Charleston,South Carolina

High-level Role: Manage or support myriad ministries’ administration and performance as a spiritual-first undertaking.


Objective: Achieve quality and consistency in the performance of our areas of ministry.


Skills Required: Organization, Scheduling, Effective Communication, Volunteer Management, Team Servant Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Listening, Encouragement, Collaboration, Spiritual Care Giving, Resourcefulness


Areas of Ministry (Manage/Coordinate): Sunday Worship Service(s), Youth, Equip Hour, Hospitality, Special Events.


Areas of Ministry (Support): RUF, Deacons, Afghan Refugees, Weddings, and other committees where needed.


Qualifications: Able to give witness to your faith, clearly articulate the Gospel, and demonstrate a commitment to the Reformed Christian perspective (as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith); experience leading a church committee, ministry, or serving in office; experience successfully managing teams in either religious or secular settings; experience in spiritually guiding others by teaching and/or discipling; experience conveying the Gospel to non-Christians.



This is a full-time, salaried position
Paid vacation
Monthly health cost reimbursement
Continuing education reimbursement
Cell phone reimbursement

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