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Director of Paraclete Services

Posted: 11/15/2021
Salary/Range: $70,000 to $80,000/yr
Englewood, CO

Paraclete Services Mission Statement:

Our member care team serves global workers, encouraging and equipping them to fulfill God’s global, redemptive purposes, assisting each to finish well with Him.


Position Summary:

The director is the WorldVenture spokesperson for member care. The director leads Paraclete Services staff by supervising, supporting, and coaching a mutually supportive team environment. The director maintains and communicates standards, principles, and best practices of member care for global workers and their dependent children. The director collaborates with leaders and global workers, advocating for the emotional, spiritual, and relational health and growth necessary for global service and witness.


Position Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and encourage all Paraclete staff for personal and professional development
  • Encourage all Paraclete staff in their ministries of licensed counseling, pastoral counseling, spiritual directing, TCK care and educational coaching, child safety, and life coaching
  • Provide annual performance reviews for Paraclete Services staff
  • Lead and collaborate in the development of regional member care initiatives and strategies
  • Support, collaborate, and advise VP of Global Initiatives, Global Directors, and their field teams
  • Advise and consult with those personnel caring for appointees and global workers
  • Meet with global workers for counseling, coaching, and personal development
  • Develop policies and procedures for WorldVenture leadership regarding mental health crisis or critical incidents impacting global workers
  • Communicate and advocate with other departments regarding the care and health of global workers
  • Network and develop outsource relationships with subject matter experts for consultations and services



  • Develop curriculum for training events involving Paraclete Services staff
  • Speak at training events and participate in evaluations and debriefing
  • Network with those in the organization for training events



  • Delegate member care assignments to Paraclete Services staff
  • Participate in deployment departure clearances
  • Recommend or endorse status changes of global workers
  • Lead the team in personal and professional development, sharing resources with personnel
  • Prepare and submit annual department budget



Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Biblical knowledge and understanding
  • Acknowledgement of the wide variety of disciplines encompassed in member care
  • Counseling experience, maintaining appropriate confidentiality
  • Experience serving in cross-cultural ministry outside of North America
  • Able and willing to confront difficult situations and follow through appropriately
  • Able to organize and manage multiple projects
  • Proven ability to delegate work responsibilities
  • Ability to made data-based decisions in a timely manner
  • Personnel initiative, creativity, and flexibility in the management of work responsibilities and team leadership
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Computer proficiency for Microsoft 365, related programs, and video conferencing software


Personal Qualifications:

  • Proven commitment to a personal relationship with God and a desire to serve Him in global ministry
  • Christian character that reflects our values as an organization
  • Affirmation of the WorldVenture Doctrinal Statement, Sexual Conduct Policy, Child Safety Policy, and Child Safety Code of Conduct
  • Enthusiastic personal interest in and dedication to WorldVenture’s vital and significant ministries
  • Displayed calling and gifting in the field of member care
  • Communicated respect for those from nations and cultures other than their own
  • Demonstrated warmth, empathy, and trustworthiness in relationships
  • Service-oriented attitude toward others
  • Able to lead by influence
  • Team player displaying humility and learner’s attitude
  • Visionary with the skill to manage change
  • A passion for holistic member care
  • Capable of living with the tensions inherent in ambiguity


Education or Formal Training:

  • Minimum of a Master’s level graduate degree from an accredited institution, preferable in counseling or marriage and family therapy
  • Counseling license preferred
  • Theological understanding of member care issues


Work Environment/Physical Activities:

  • Office environment with periods of sitting
  • Domestic and international travel on an as-needed basis for conferences, training, and crisis mnagement


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