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Missions and Overseas Ministry

Director of Pre-Deployment Ministries

Communitas International
Posted: 05/23/2022
Salary/Range: Support raised

Overview and Introduction to Communitas International

Communitas is a church-planting organization with over 50 years experience working in Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and North America. Our leading edge ministry is looking for the right person to help lead us into greater Kingdom ministry. Our current staff of over 200 includes full-time, bi-vocational and affiliate staff, with a quarter of that number being non-Americans. Communitas operates in over 20 different countries as we nurture over 120 churches and church-planting projects toward reproducible maturity. 

Communitas is rooted in a strong missional theology. Our three core values center on being Kingdom seeking, Grace oriented and People focused. Our church planting methodology is not tied to a specific formula, but rather the spirit of serving others and the embracing of a progression of actions that lead to a healthy, maturing church, making our approach very adaptable to unique contexts (see for details). We are pioneers and risk takers. We value honesty and encouragement. We collaborate well, within our global regions, as well as with partner organizations.


The Need and Opportunity

Across post-Christian secular culture people have largely given up on church, but spirituality remains important to them. Communitas International is at the forefront of sparking that spirituality with mission and helping people ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’. Our church planting organization offers the following:

  • A firm commitment to expressing the passionate love of God for the world in word and deed.
  • Substantial experience in reaching people in post-Christian culture.
  • Strategic coaching for planters and churches by experienced cross-cultural practitioners.
  • Robust training for team leaders and members via online cohorts, on-site events and regional/global seminars and conferences.
  • Rigorous assessment experiences and tools that can form the basis for strategic coaching and healthy team building.
  • Partnership in innovation with those looking for new ways to declare the timeless message of the Gospel. 

Director of Pre-Deployment Ministries

Reports to: Chief Mobilization Officer

Works closely with: HR and Operations Teams, Field leadership

Direct reports: All staff after being appointed and before deploying to place of service

Location: remote work engagement

Classification: exempt

Position Scope:

The Director of Pre-Deployment Ministries is primarily responsible for creating and stewarding the process and guiding and inspiring new cross-cultural staff toward full funding and training. Ultimately, these new staff members will then deploy to their place of service and begin “starting and shaping communities of faith that love like Jesus in their neighborhoods.”  

Working in close conjunction with the operations team and field leadership, the Director will “shepherd God’s people toward their calling” by inspiring and coaching our new cross-cultural missional staff through required training. You will supervise them as they engage with external training in fundraising and develop their full funding and prayer network of partners. You will regularly communicate with new staff members, including in-person visits when possible, encouraging and inspiring them to do the hard work of fundraising and preparation for the field. You will thrive in a context in which you are their champion and love to help people excel… even when they think they are stuck!

Funding: This position is support-funded. Just like the staff members she/he supervises, as well as executive leaders, the Pre-Deployment Director must seek personal donor support for this role (Ministry Partner Development, or MPD). A support plan for this position, including ministry funding to permit visits to staff as well as Communitas conferences, will be established in consultation with Human Resources. 

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

Provide overall direction to all new cross-cultural staff in order to accomplish the vision and mission of Communitas. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Supervising and coaching new cross-cultural staff by:
    • Working together with HR to develop appropriate timelines for support raising.
    • Working closely with outsourced training and coaching providers for MPD training.
    • Working with the Training team to ensure new staff are completing all onboarding and training requirements.
    • Recognizing the difficult nature of support raising and the need for a positive, encouraging spirit to help re-envision new staff toward their future place of ministry.
    • Reminding staff that prefield ministry IS MINISTRY. Our ministry partners, in prayer and giving, are a vital constituency for Communitas. 
    • Possibly recruiting and supervising additional pre-field team members, if needed.
  • Discussing with potential new staff, even before they are appointed, how they aim to develop a prayer and financial support team.  
  • Participating in candidate evaluation process as part of the Mobilization department
  • If desired and gifted, representing Communitas culture and opportunities while working with the broader Mobilization team (college campus visits, speaking, etc. are possibilities)
  • Assuring significant time on personal Ministry Partner Development. During some seasons, this may increase significantly, depending on funding levels. This includes: 
    • Maintaining sufficient support levels to allow for full salary, as determined by your support plan; minimal support levels are required.
    • As needed, engaging in coaching around MPD training and accountability.
    • It should be noted that due to the nature of this role, raising support is an absolute must. This allows the successful candidate to understand what new staff are doing as they are engaged in prefield ministry. 
  • Additional projects as assigned by the supervisor. 

General Responsibilities:

  • Maintains a learning posture and growing walk with Christ.
  • Maintains a positive and encouraging spirit.
  • Maintains a strong commitment to the mission, vision, values and statement of faith of Communitas.
  • Maintains a commitment to excellence and service orientation.
  • Maintains absolute discretion in matters of confidentiality.
  • Maintains Ministry Partner Development in order to have sustainable mission support.



We seek a godly person residing in or willing to relocate to the United States with outstanding people skills, a positive, coaching spirit, and direct, successful experience in ministry and missions, particularly in supervising new missionaries. He or she will have a proven track record of team building and facilitation. Also important are the following: 


  • Strong commitment to the mission, vision and values of Communitas International, and a committed follower of Jesus Christ. Meets elder qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9 (gender inclusive)
  • Theologically sound and in full agreement with Communitas’ Statement of Faith and positional papers
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and/or a demonstrated desire for continued education in the areas of organizational and ministerial leadership
  • Forward thinking and able to develop and execute plans with concrete targets and goals
  • Prefer ministry experience in both US and international contexts, as well as within a self-support environment, preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to craft partnerships and collaborative projects in international contexts
  • Proven team management experience, virtual team experience a plus
  • Ability to thrive in a remote work setting and expertly lead teams and meetings in a virtual environment
  • Involved in a local community of faith, with active engagement in relationships with non-Christians
  • Good to excellent software skills, preferred experience with Google docs, Microsoft office, Zoom
  • Flexible schedule to accommodate meetings across multiple time zones
  • Ability to work remotely and independently with limited supervision, self motivated and disciplined
  • Ability to travel internationally 1-2 times per year; domestically 3 or more times per year
  • Ability to effectively initiate and manage change
  • Creative, outside-the-box thinking and well-versed in missiological thought and praxis
  • A background check is required.
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