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Youth and Children's Ministry

Director of Student Ministry

First Baptist Church of Walton KY
Posted: 02/23/2022
Walton, Kentucky

Director of Student Ministry

The Director of Student Ministry shall be called of God and by the church for ministry to students from pre-school to college. The Director must have a heart and a vision to convert unbelieving students from within and outside of the church body. Moreover, the Director must demonstrate a passion for equipping and developing believers into healthy and effective disciples.

The Director must be able to create and develop a student ministry in coordination with the Pastor and any committees or councils that the church calls to assist in ministry.

The Director has obtained or is working toward an undergraduate degree in a field of study that can be applied to student ministry and/or has a minimum of 2 years of experience in student ministry.

The Director is encouraged to attend conferences and classes that will be relevant to student ministry and personal and professional spiritual growth.

Personal Expectations

The Director must meet the following personal expectations;

1.     Has a testimony of one who has been redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

2.     Has been baptized as a public testimony of the Lordship of Jesus in his/her life.

3.     Walks daily with the Lord in personal devotions and private prayer.

4.     Regularly engages unbelievers with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

5.     Holds to the divine inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible.

6.     Demonstrates a loving and Christlike attitude to those within the faith as well as to those who are unbelievers.

7.     Attends all regularly scheduled worship services.

8.     Commits to the doctrines of the church as described in the church covenant.

Professional Expectations

The Director develops, organizes, and administrates a ministry that will cover students from pre-school to college by adhering to the following;

1.     Works under the direction and guidance of the Pastor.

2.     Works with other church staff to ensure unity among all ministries.

3.     Develops a unified student ministry that is in line with the church’s vision of reaching unbelievers and making disciples of Christ.

4.     Organizes and trains teachers and leaders who have demonstrated a passion for and a call to student ministry.

5.     Establishes annual goals for student ministry enrichment.

6.     Coordinates with all ministerial leadership to ensure that the literature and materials being used are in line with the doctrines and vision of the church.

7.     Maintains current records of all students involved in FBC student ministry.

8.     Schedules and coordinates special Sundays that will celebrate various aspects of the student ministry (Youth Sunday, AWANA Sunday, etc.)

9.     Organizes camp(s) for children and youth.

10. Attends sufficient in-person office hours and meetings to maintain the spirit of unity and genuine inter-personal relationships.

Conduct Guidelines

At no time shall the Director of Student Ministry conduct counseling or any other ministry to a student individually without the presence of his/her spouse or another adult. Neither shall they transport youth in their personal or church vehicle without a spouse or another adult present. The Director must not at any time consume or use alcohol or any illegal drugs. Their conduct must be beyond reproach.


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