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Early Learning Center Director

Peace With Christ Christian School
Posted: 09/28/2021
Salary/Range: $35,000-$60,000
Aurora, CO

The Early Learning Center Director’s main role is to reach out with the gospel and the caring love of Jesus Christ to
children and their families in an educational setting. Additional responsibilities include administration and
supervision of the physical facilities, marketing, and finances of the Early Learning Center.

Chief Administrative Officer of the Early Learning Center
1. Recommend long range needs/plans to the School Board and ELC staff
2. Attend and report at all School Board meetings
3. Implement and administer all policies of the School Board
4. Work in partnership with the School Board and Principal to develop and monitor the school budget as
it relates to the Early Learning Center
5. Understand financial, legal, synodical and state requirements and ensure these are being applied and
audited as necessary.
6. Assumes responsibility for oversight and managing accreditation
7. Meet with regulatory officials, such as fire, health department, and licensing as they make annual
inspections. Comply with requirements..
8. Ensure that regular emergency drills are held in cooperation with the Principal.
9. Maintain proper conditions for health and safety.
10. Purchase equipment and supplies within the annual budget.
11. Plan and implement procedures to keep accurate classroom records.
12. Handle all administration and conflict-resolutions related to programs.
13. Maintain student and program records.
14. Define and revise policies and procedures of the program.
Chief Operating Officer of the Early Learning Center
1. Evaluate and carry out the mission and purpose of programs and policies of Peace With Christ Early
Learning Center.
2. Equip indoor and outdoor areas to reflect a Christian environment.
3. Maintain positive relationships and goodwill among children, teachers, parents, congregation and
4. Maintain excellent communication and relationships with parents.
5. Enhance community relationships.
6. Recruit and enroll new children.
7. Plan and coordinate scheduled open houses, holiday activities, and other such programs and
8. Provide for the daily physical needs of the environment: proper room temperature, clean tables and
chairs, toys in order and not put away damaged or dirty, lights on/off, door unlocked/locked,
playground in order, etc.
9. Interview and recommend for hire ELC staff.
10. Perform annual reviews with all ELC staff members.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction
1. Plan, implement, and evaluate curriculum in accordance with mission, purpose and philosophy of
Peace With Christ Early Learning Center.
2. Create an atmosphere in which children, staff and parents are most apt to experience Christian joy,
achievement and fulfillment.
3. Provide a safe environment, appropriate for young children.
4. Observe teachers and programs on a regular basis.
Marketing and Public Relations Manager
In conjunction with the Principal:
1. Conduct marketing and recruitment activities.
2. Develop and provide registration materials.
3. Coordinate the annual registration for the Church and for the general public.
4. Register students throughout the year.
5. Direct and implement the Early Learning Center admissions process.

Supervisory Relationships
1. The Early Learning Center director is responsible to the Principal and through the Principal to the
School Board for the fulfillment of responsibilities assigned in the job description.
2. The Early Learning Center Director will work in partnership with the pastor(s), DCE(s), and other staff
of the congregation in developing and implementing an effective total ministry. The relationship will
be characterized by loyalty and cooperation in a common mission and ministry for Christ.
3. The Principal will annually evaluate the performance of the Early Learning Center Director.
4. The Early Learning Center staff is responsible to the Director for the fulfillment of responsibilities
assigned in the job description and contract.

Personnel Director
As Personnel Director, the Director will:
1. Give guidance, direction and support to teachers and other support staff.
2. Maintain staff personnel files to include resume, application for employment, medical report, three
reference information forms, and staff evaluation forms for each employee.
3. Maintain staff ratio, assigning staff and students to classes.
4. Organize any appropriate in-service training or other extracurricular activities.
5. Work with teachers on any special needs of individual children.
6. Arrange substitutes as needed.
7. Plan, organize and conduct ELC staff meetings.
8. Plan and implement procedures to keep accurate classroom records.
9. Keep personnel records.
10. Accomplish yearly staff evaluations.

Academic/Experience Qualifications:
Professional Qualifications
1. Bachelor’s degree. Preference is given to B.A. or M.A. in education with an emphasis on early
2. Received director certification by the state licensing agency.
3. Demonstrate skills in planning and developing programs.
4. Demonstrate management and organizational skills.
5. Maintain membership in professional teaching organizations such as L.E.A and D.A.L.E.C.A.
6. Demonstrate successful classroom/director experiences.
7. Demonstrate a willingness to grow spiritually and professionally.
8. Demonstrates and continues to strive for greater skills as an educational leader.
Personal Qualifications
1. Be a member of an LCMS church.
2. Support the mission and purpose of Peace With Christ Lutheran Church to proclaim and witness to
the Christian faith.
3. Implement the mission statement, philosophies, goals, and policies of Peace With Christ Early
Learning Center.
4. Participate regularly in worship, Bible Study, fellowship and other congregational activities.
5. Maintain confidentiality, be respectful, maintain courtesy, and be an effective listener towards staff,
parents, children, and congregation.
6. Evidence love for teaching children.
7. Be professional, poised, punctual, and enthusiastic.
8. Establish a relationship characterized by loyalty and cooperation in a common mission and ministry
for Christ.
9. All other factors being equal, preference in hiring will be given as follows:
a) Calling an individual on Synod’s roster of Commissioned Ministers.
b) Contracting an individual who is a member of Peace With Christ Lutheran Church.
c) Contracting an individual who is a member of another Lutheran church.

Position Duration
The Preschool Director position is a full-time, twelve-month called or contracted position, unless excepted by the
School Board. The ELC Director may also serve as a teacher, not to exceed the amount of time permitted by
Colorado Department of Social Services.
Salary and benefits are determined by the salary schedule of the School Board.

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