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Education Pastor

New Life Mission Church of Colorado
Posted: 12/14/2021
Salary/Range: Up to $80,000
Aurora, CO

●Duties on Session as an Associate Pastor (once called by congregation)o Represent the Education Department by updating the Elders with programs, decisions, and/or issues regarding Education.

  • Represent Sessional matters to the Education Directors and the whole church.
  • Participate in Session actively for the edification of the church and the glory of God.

●Duties in Education Department

  • Oversee the directors of the education departments and their ministries.
  • Lead, inspire, and encourage the directors to pursue ministry health and excellence. o Research, select, and submit curriculum for all Education Ministries for Sessional approval.
  • Facilitate worship for NRG Youth Ministry and supervise elementary children’s worship o Coordinate enlistment of teachers/substitutes and provide teacher training as needed
  • Coordinate and attend all Education Department meetings with lay staff and directors o Oversee the planning of special events of BIG (children’s) & NRG (youth)
  • Continue to learn the latest methods in church education and execute effective strategies in the Education Department.
  • Report on a regular basis to supporting Deacon(s)/Elder(s) of BIG & NRG, and supporting Elder(s) for Session

● Duties in NRG Youth Ministry (6-12 grade)o Weekly Friday night meetings (2-3hr.): Bible study, fellowship, and lock-ins.

  • Weekly Sunday worship services(1 1/2-2hr.): Lead worship and give message.
  • Train youth teachers/advisors with regular(monthly or bimonthly) prayer meetings.(2hr.)
  • Develop and Organize Student Action Leadership Team (SALT) and discipleship training programs for students
  • Oversee Sunday after service fellowship(1hr.):
  • Recreation and Other Activities
  • Shepherd/disciple students through personal texts/phone calls
  • Develop and Execute Local Outreach Programs throughout the year
  • Plan, lead, and execute annual Summer Retreats
  • Work with Supporting Elders to plan and execute a mission trip during the summer or a special time throughout the year.
  • Attend all staff meetings with full-time and part-time staff.

● Report Education matters to all appropriate parties

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