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Evergreen Cabin Property Manager

OMF (U.S.)
Posted: 02/23/2023
Salary/Range: Volunteer
within commute distance of Evergreen CO

We are seeking an individual or couple to take responsibility for managing and maintaining the OMF cabin in Evergreen, Colorado. The OMF cabin is intended to be a place of restoration, encouragement and refreshment for OMF workers and their families. The Property Manager will be committed to providing a pleasant, refreshing and God-centered experience for these guests.

Major Responsibilities:

Maintain the Property

  • Initiate and oversee every aspect pertaining to the running and care of the property, including routine and special maintenance and repair, safety, security, cleanliness, budgeting, stocking/equipping/furnishing and use of the property.
  • Organize and lead a group work day at the cabin annually (normally), or more often as needed, to deep clean the house and work on special maintenance projects. OMF staff and volunteers based in Denver would be asked to participate.
  • Conduct an Evergreen Committee meeting at least annually, or more often as needed, to receive input, advice and help with planning and other needs. This committee is put together in consultation with the V.P. for Finance and Administration.
  • Be responsible for the Evergreen cabin vacation home budget.
  • Maintain outside contractor/vendor relationships for plumbing, snow removal and other needs and services.
  • Visit the property at least quarterly for inspection and to conduct routine maintenance and stocking of supplies. (The Property Manager is not charged a usage fee for these visits.)

Manage Guests

  • Know, update, promulgate and enforce our guest use rules and policies.
  • Be available to take calls from guests should special needs arise during guest use or other situations. If the need is immediate it may require a trip to the Evergreen cabin.
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