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Facilities and Operations Manager

Arma Dei Academy
Posted: 10/07/2021
Salary/Range: $20-$30 depending on experience.
Highlands Ranch, CO

Position Title: Facilities and Operations Manager

FLSA Classification:

$20 to $30 per hour depending on experience. Four weeks of paid vacation
and eligible to participate in all benefit plans.

Reports to:
Principal and Business Manager

Position Purpose:
The Facilities Manager is responsible for upkeep, repair, maintenance, set
up/tear down, cleanliness of the academy property, as well as providing
with support to the Principal in related duties and tasks.

Work Hours:
40 hours per week; M-F from 7:00 to 4:00; days and times may vary duringschool year depending on weather and during summer break based on special projects.

Essential Functions:

• Represents Arma Dei Academy in a well-informed and professional manner at all times
• Demonstrates dependability, a teachable spirit and a servant’s heart
• Self starter
• Eye for detail
• Enjoys and manages a diverse set of responsibilities in a fast-paced environment
• Cooperative team player
• Respond in professional and timely manner to teacher/staff requests for help or assistance
Morning Drop Off
• Make sure sidewalks and parking lots have been adequately cleared in the event of a snow
storm by coordinating with outside snow removal contractors
• Clear any snow or spread ice melt as necessary
• Set up cones and signs each day for morning drop off and afternoon pick up
• Supervise cross walk for safe passage of students and parents
• Direct traffic as necessary
• Maintain adequate safety vests, weather gear, safety gloves for personnel and volunteers
• Enlist volunteers and coordinate schedules
• Maintain all signage and traffic markers and report any replacement needs to Business Manager
• Properly store all signage and cones each day, weekend, and during school breaks
• Block off or mark LWF Preschool area to prevent Arma Dei parents from parking there during
special events when they are open for business

Outdoor Maintenance

• Check playgrounds and turf areas for coats and other items left by students
• Retrieve/put balls indoors for safe keeping each afternoon and order more if necessary
• Property walkthrough to maintain overall beauty and maintenance, including litter pick up,
pulling weeds around the property, emptying out door trashcans as necessary, sweeping patio
areas, cleaning entry mats, etc.
• Manage dumpster level for twice weekly collection
• Check soccer goals and any other playground equipment for damage and other repairs and fix
as needed
• Clean entry rugs/mats and dirt catcher in vestibules at main entrances (vacuum/carpet
cleaner) on a monthly basis
• Clean lower level entrances at each building (vacuum/carpet clean) on a monthly basis
• Power wash, sweep or blow off debris at building entryways as necessary
• Maintain outside classroom/patio at 341 and Sport Court area of 345; debris, trash and leaves
• Check for and retrieve items from building roof, 345 above sport court and 341
• Maintain playground functionality, including leveling mulch, spreading gravel, spraying for
insects, cleaning picnic area, wiping tables in sunken patios, maintaining umbrellas, etc.
• Direct outside contractor to mow bluegrass turf at 341 building, as necessary, from roughly
mid-April to mid-October
• Direct outside contractor to mow native grass around the 341 building from time to time to
provide groomed look
• Direct outside contractor to initiate 341 sprinkler activation and winterization at 341 building
• Direct outside contractor to perform sprinkler repairs as necessary
• Install drip systems from time to time for pots, planter boxes, etc.
• Rake rock areas to maintain uniform thickness as necessary
• Ensure fertilization by third party is adequately maintaining turf and weed control at 341
building and in front of 345 school entry
• Spray weeds as necessary in designated school areas
• Oversee outside contractors for snow removal during school year
• Prioritize covering turf field in shaded areas with a tarp to prevent ice from forming prior to
snowstorms if reasonable
• Clear play areas and entryways to play areas as early as possible to allow for safe recess time
• Identify any areas that need special attention for cleaning or repair and propose solutions to
Business Manager

Indoor Maintenance and Janitorial
• Assist in preparing dining rooms for daily use, including table tear down/set up when needed,
trash collection, and all necessary cleaning
• Disinfect all areas daily to meet any government mandated health requirements
• Inside property walkthrough on a daily basis to maintain overall beauty and functionality,
including changing light bulbs, refilling paper towels, spot cleaning carpets, tile areas and
furniture, touch up paint, wiping down high touch areas, etc.
o Replace ballasts as necessary – hire outside electrician as necessary
• Identify any areas that need special attention for cleaning or repair and propose solutions to
Business Manager
• Clean entry rugs inside buildings at main entrance and lower level as necessary (vacuum/steam
o Respond quickly, disinfect and cleanup sickness issues (vomiting)
• Clean and organize storage areas in both buildings Maintain orderly and organized storage
rooms in both 341 and 345 – perform monthly supply inventory check and provide to Business
• Keep copier rooms of both school buildings stocked with boxes of paper in designated cabinets
• Liaison to third party janitorial companies
• Monitor level of cleaning supplies, paper products, soap, etc. and report any restocking needs to
Business Manager
• Check building for signs of pests and treat accordingly (Insects and Mice)
• Replace filters in water fountains as dictated by the usage lights on front panel
Monthly Responsibilities
• Campus walkthrough with Business Manager to review facility needs, including safety and
security concerns
• Change out urinal splashguards in both buildings on a periodic basis
• Check hanging clocks to ensure accuracy (Daylight savings, battery failures)
• Work with Lead Administrative Assistant on school calendar to coordinate use for class parties,
sports clubs/teams, and third-party rentals
• Remove rocks from artificial turf
Open Houses and Special Events
• Help prepare, set up, and cleanup for monthly Open House or other school events such as
festivals, back to school night, preview night, etc.
• Clean glass at entry to each school the day before Open Houses, arrange meeting room(s) to
specifications by Principal or Director of Community Engagement
• Set hanging sign and yard signs as necessary
• Setup tables, chairs, stage, microphones, etc.
• Attend to other needs if they arise during events
Snow Removal
• Prepare campus for school day after overnight snowfall including coordination with Living Way
Fellowship for 345 building and snow plow contractor
• Check snowmelt supplies after each snowstorm, check snowblowers and shovels readiness
• Replenish supplies and equipment as necessary
• Shovel and/or salt Arma Dei sidewalks prior to school starting. Ensure ice is mitigated. Enlist
help as necessary
• Work closely with the Business Manager regarding special projects and facilities/maintenance
• Perform other duties as may be assigned from time-to-time by the Principal or Business
• Oversee contract for snow removal at Preschool location, as necessary

Special Projects
• Regularly respond to maintenance request submitted by faculty and staff and maintain record
of requests
• Schedule outside contractors (Keyrite, Waner Construction, Denver Heating & Air, etc.) for
repairs/maintenance as necessary and communicate scheduled maintenance to receptionists in
each building
• Prep buildings for summer maintenance projects such as strip and wax of VCT, steam clean and
seal of grout in bathrooms
• Work with faculty to move classrooms or supplies as necessary during summer breaks
• Faciliate Dad’s Workday on an annual basis, as necessary
• Major summer cleaning, maintenance and repair projects
• Ensure chairs/stools have sliders and are in good repair in all dining areas and classrooms
• Identify any needed repairs to classroom furniture or fixtures
• Prepare campus for transition to and from school breaks, including resetting thermostats to
conserve energy
• Coordinate outside contractors on quarterly HVAC maintenance
• Coordinate with outside contractors on building modification projects from time to time
• Works with Business Manager on Preschool campus repairs or maintenance from time to time
• When supplies, furniture, etc. arrive at school, assist with putting away or assembling
• Train new employees on lighting, thermostat, and security alarm operation
• Work with Lead Administrative Assistant to maintain key inventory and replicate new keys as

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