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Coaching and Sport-focused

Faith Based Non-Profit Area Director

Ridgewood Talent Acquisition
Posted: 11/12/2021
Salary/Range: $60,000-70,000
Denver, CO

We are looking for people who are passionate about leveraging athletics for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is looking to raise up an Area Director to prayerfully oversee the increased influence of the ministry through finding and supporting area reps, connecting with donors, and connecting with business leaders for the advancement of county boards.

Job Purpose:

Ensure FCA is engaging, equipping, and empowering coaches and athletes by ministering to and through the coach with Huddles, One-On-Ones, and Events

Daily Duties:

Oversee recruiting, hiring, training, and developing effective and diverse staff aligned with FCA’s ministry strategy and methods for area
Recruit: Actively recruit and attract highly qualified staff prospects to specific vocational ministry opportunities identified in the vision-based staffing plans
Hire: Select candidates to fulfill specific roles and responsibilities based upon their calling, character, competence, commitment, and chemistry
Train: Provide knowledge and resources necessary to develop culture and increase capacity and competence to effectively execute their responsibilities and fulfill their potential
Develop: Prepare staff to lead self, lead others, lead teams and lead organizationally in their current roles, growing personally and professionally and becoming prepared for future opportunities
Ensure the recruiting, training, and development of volunteers in roles strategically aligned to increase the capacity of the FCA
Recruit, train, and develop effective and diverse Leadership Board Chairs and Board Members who are committed to pray, serve, and give to the ministry
Connect, communicate and care for Board Members and donors who are serving and giving to the geographical area in various capacities including locally, regionally, and organizationally
Serve as the chief fundraiser and financial manager
Establish and execute an annual budget and funding plan by training and developing staff in growing Home Teams, Major Donors and Events
Coordinate with the International Advancement Coordinator to connect the area with the aligned Global Region and to serve through praying, giving, and going

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