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Group Life Pastor

Cibolo Creek Community Church
Posted: 04/01/2022
Salary/Range: TBD
Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas


Group Life Pastor

Position: Group Life Pastor

Status: Full-Time, Salary


About Cibolo Creek Community Church

Cibolo Creek Community Church is nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  Our surrounding cities, Fair Oaks Ranch and Boerne have seen significant growth in the last 5 years.  As San Antonio is growing north, there are plans for an additional 1,800 homes to be built within 5 miles of the current church building.  The more than 700 who call Cibolo Creek home have been committed to the area and recently celebrated their 25th Anniversary.  The Lord has graciously gifted Cibolo Creek with 38 acres to build a new multi-use campus that can serve as a hub of spiritual renewal and missional living for generations to come.  While the future is bright, there is work to be done.  


Vision and Mission of Cibolo Creek Community Church 

Our Mission here at Cibolo Creek is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Our Vision is to be a family of authentic Christ-followers working together to do whatever it takes to introduce people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus and His Church.

Our Strategy follows Jesus example making disciples:

Attract : Come and you will see – John 1:39

Get: Follow Me – Matt 4:19   

Keep: Abide in Me – John 15:5

Grow: Learn from Me / Ask Me – John 15:7

Multiply: Go Make Disciples – Matt 28:18-20           


The “Big Win” of the Group Life Pastor:

            Grow: Integrate, Cultivate, Replicate. The Group Life Pastor oversees the “Grow” element of our strategy.  They integrate new attendees into Cibolo’s Group Life.  They develop Life Group Coaches and Leaders to cultivate spiritually healthy Life Groups.  They create and provide electives to supplement Group Life growth. They celebrate when lives change, and leaders replicate for Jesus. 


The Role of Group Life Pastor

The Group Life Pastor will support the overall vision and mission of Cibolo Creek.  They provide visionary leadership to our “Grow” ministries by preparing, equipping, and supporting disciple makers ensuring adults can grow through Life Groups and electives. They will design and implement a Group Life strategy, cast vision and lead the congregation, staff, and volunteer leaders to participate.


As a Cibolo Creek Leader they:

  1. Model Servanthood
  2. Set the Attitude
  3. Cast Vision
  4. Develop People
  5. Delegate Authority
  6. Require Excellence
  7. Appreciate

To Executive Leadership

  1. Assist in implementing and realizing the vision and mission of Cibolo Creek.
  2. Report to the Executive Pastor of Leadership and Ministry Development
  3. Develop and steward an annual budget for Group Life Ministries.
  4. Develop and provide quarterly goals for Group Life Ministries in line with yearly strategic initiatives.
  5. Coordinate Life Group emphasis weekends with the Executive and Lead Pastor as part of the church’s weekend service planning.
  6. Effectively communicate needs of members and ministries in our church.
  7. Fulfill all other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Team.


To Pastoral Leadership

  1. Serve on and meet regularly with the Pastoral Leadership Team for prayer, encouragement, training, planning, accountability and evaluation.
  2. Communicate events and offer appropriate opportunities to work together.
  3. Connect, support, and promote team members helping when needed.


To the Life Group Team

  1. Pray regularly for them regularly.
  2. Cast vision for “why” and “how” Life Groups fit into Cibolo Creek. 
  3. Work within Cibolo’s Leadership Pipeline to actively recruit, prepare, equip, and inspire Life Group Leaders and Coaches.
  4. Ensure promotional material is created to attract and invite the congregation to participate in Life Groups.
  5. Create a pastoral care system to identify congregant needs and a follow-up system to ensure congregants feel cared for.
  6. Develop and maintain an annual plan with quarterly goals to improve and grow Life Group breadth and depth.
  7. Identify and select Life Group curriculum.
  8. Celebrate wins.


To the Cibolo Family

  1. Cast vision so that visitors and regular attenders can understand and embrace and actively participate at Cibolo Creek.
  2. Proactively resolve personal conflicts through careful communication (no gossip Matt. 18, no conflict resolution through technology), personal reflection (1 Cor. 11:28), active listening (James 1), honest apology when in the wrong, and honest forgiveness when wronged.
  3. Lead a Life Group. 
  4. Provide special services as needed or required (e.g., Weddings, funerals, counseling, speaking engagements, etc.)
  5. Share in the rotation of performing baptism services, funerals, weddings, weekend preaching, etc. as appropriate and as a member of the pastoral leadership team.


Key Performance Indicators

The Group Life ministry growth strategy mirrors Jesus’ discipleship path, which is…

Attract : Come and you will see – John 1:39

Get: Follow Me – Matt 4:19   

Keep: Abide in Me – John 15:5

Grow: Learn from Me / Ask Me – John 15:7

Multiply: Go Make Disciples – Matt 28:18-20           

With that strategy in mind, the Group Life pastor will be evaluated on 3 or 4 metrics developed with the Executive Pastor of Leadership and Ministry Development.  Below is an example of what metrics could be chosen:


  1. Grow participation in Life Groups from 150 to 300 people over the next two years.
  2. Increase the number of small group leaders by 50% to accommodate new growth.
  3. Create a care program to ensure the health of leaders and members.
  4. Start 20 new groups in the next year.
  5. Re-organize the volunteer leadership structure.
  6. Create an Life Group Leader team by the end of year one
  7. Create a clear Life Group Leader training and discipleship system by end of year two.


An Epic Win

50% Life Group Involvement: An epic win would look like recruiting 5 coaches, starting 20 new groups and increasing Life Group membership to 50% of our congregation in the next year.


Strengths & Skillset

  1. Cultivates deep relationships with God and others
  2. Passionate about developing others
  3. A proven leader of leaders
  4. Outstanding verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  5. Displays a high emotional intelligence
  6. Is a proven, organized, and dependable strategic systems thinker
  7. A self-starter who thrives in a team environment
  8. Displays a tenacity to persevere



  • You would work Monday to Thursday, and on Sunday – about 40-45 hours a week.
  • You would participate in weekly team meetings.
  • You’d stay in touch with your supervisor (Executive Pastor of Leadership and Ministry Development) on a daily basis.
  • You could travel for various retreats, camps and conferences.
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