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Home Medical Advisor – Serva Asia

OMF (U.S.)
Posted: 02/23/2023
Salary/Range: Volunteer
Anywhere in the U.S.

Serve Asia is OMF’s short-term mission program for those serving 2 weeks up to 12 months. OMF has developed a Medical Advisor (MA) service for Serve Asia participants. It also seeks to facilitate clear, confidential medical communication between doctors, Serve Asia workers, and OMF leadership. The MA team comprises an International Medical Advisor (IMA), Field Medical Advisors (FMA), and Home Medical Advisors (HMA), and administrative support personnel.

As part of this team, the HMA – a licensed medical physician – provides assessment of and advice to applicants and serves as a liaison person between the FMA on the one hand and the applicant and the applicant’s physician on the other. In addition, the HMA consults with the overseas medical colleagues on the MA team. Ultimately it is the FMA’s decision to accept or reject an applicant.

Serve Asia sends an average of 100 short-term workers per year. The majority of them do not have medical concerns and are automatically cleared. The ones who need further medical screening typically have medical conditions which could affect their safety overseas or they have a history of mental illness. A very small percentage return in later years for additional trips, but by and large the HMA will only interact with them before their trip.

Major Responsibilities

Advise Applicants on Health-Related Concerns

  • Receive and read health forms containing details of an applicant’s medical or psychological condition.
  • Communicate this information to the FMA concerned.
  • Interact with the FMA, the applicant, and the applicant’s physician (if necessary) until the FMA has the necessary information to make a final recommendation.
  • Explain the FMA’s recommendation to the applicant.
  • Inform the OMF Homeside and Field SA Coordinators of the FMA’s final recommendation.
  • Ensure that specific medical instructions from the FMA are passed to applicants proceeding to the field, and, where necessary, that specific confidentiality and medical waivers are signed.


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