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Youth and Children's Ministry

KIDS Director

The Sacred Grace
Posted: 09/29/2021
Salary/Range: Annual- $9,000-$12,000
North Aurora
  1. Care of Children

    1.1. OversightofallaspectsofprovidingcaretoNursery,Primary,andGradeSchoolagechildrenduring the Sunday morning worship gathering.

    1. 1.2.  Accountable for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual safety of children in our care.

    2. 1.3.  Responsible that both the classrooms and content are conducive to providing all children present a

      positive and encouraging experience.

  2. Classroom Administration & Curriculum

    2.1. Responsible for the development of age-appropriate curriculum either in conjunction with Sunday service content or based on approved children’s curriculum content.

    2.2. Responsible for the classroom setting and that all supplies are purchased, prepared, and present.

  3. Care for Families and Children

    3.1. Available at the Sign-In / Sign-Out table to foster connection with children, families and volunteers. 3.2. Consistent in communication with families and children throughout the week to provide

    encouragement and support. (i.e. – calls, texts, letters)

  4. Volunteer Leadership & Support

    4.1. Responsible for all volunteers to be prepared, present and participating. 4.2. Responsible for training and scheduling of volunteers.
    4.3. Responsible for volunteer recognition and appreciation.

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