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Associate and Assistant Pastors

LCMC Associate/Youth Pastor

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Posted: 01/26/2023

The Associate Pastor will exhibit exceptional conversational skills, demonstrating an ability to connect with members of all ages. He/she will be passionate about youth ministry, with a desire to expand and build youth programming, education, and worship, and focus on engaging with youth in the community. Whole family ministry will be a focus for the Associate Pastor, with knowledge of family systems and dynamics being crucial for this position. This Associate Pastor will work collaboratively with the Senior Pastor, Director of Education, Volunteer Coordinator, and other Gloria Dei staff to enhance the ministry and promote future growth for the church.


The Associate Pastor shall:

Hold education through a Master of Divinity or Theology from an accredited seminary (or is in the process of obtaining), and follow the doctrine as described on the LCMC website
Coordinate, execute, and expand programs for spiritual growth and Ministry of youth, to include Sunday and Wednesday education, outreach, and fellowship
Be responsible for developing and executing youth and adult programs, camps, retreats, mission trips, and group outings
Demonstrate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
Exhibit excellent Bible-based preaching, teaching, and communication skills
Strive in word and action to be a worthy example in Christian living
Be organized, able to work with volunteers and congregation members, and willing to serve alongside other staff in any way necessary


In addition to the above qualifications, the Associate Pastor will also be responsible for, in collaboration with the Senior Pastor:

Providing Pastoral leadership for meetings, activities, and organizations
Administrative duties, including overseeing the Director of Education
Visiting the homebound, sick, and grieving, as well as members in local care facilities
Officiating at special services, planning and leading worship services
Remaining active and present within the community as a representative of Gloria Dei


Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Position Description – Associate Pastor



Be an integral part of the pastoral team leading Gloria Dei in being and becoming a Gospel community celebrating God’s grace in Christ, discipling believers in their spiritual growth, reaching out to non-believers, and serving our community and the world in His name.



The Associate Pastor will preach and teach the Word of God in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions with a focus on youth and family ministries to include leadership for regular middle and high school Bible study, discipleship, praise/worship, evangelism, missions education, missions involvement and fellowship events in a safe (physically and emotionally) and engaging environment. The Associate Pastor will share Word and Sacrament ministries with the Senior Pastor and develop and lead other ministries according to his or her gifts and the vision and needs of the congregation. The position requires a Wednesday evening and Sunday morning schedule.



• Report directly to the Senior Pastor

• Support the Gloria Dei constitution and by-laws

• Adhere to the policies established by the Church Council

• Work within the budget approved by the congregation

• Advise, as well as take part in any Gloria Dei ministry teams as assigned by Senior Pastor (Discipleship, Finance, Worship, Property)

• Carry out all responsibilities assigned by Senior Pastor consistent with the above Purpose Statement

• Regular performance review

• Other duties as assigned





• Work as a team member, respecting and encouraging the ministries of all staff and the Gloria Dei congregation

• Share Worship leadership

-Divide worship responsibilities, including baptisms, weddings, and funerals as worked out with Senior Pastor

• Support the Senior Pastor in visitation ministry

-Visit the sick

-Bring communion to the homebound

-Work with the lay visitation program

-Visit prospective new members

• Lead Confirmation program

-Hold orientation for new confirmands

-Select, implement, and evaluate the curriculum

-Share confirmation class teaching

• Lead youth and family fellowship events

• Serve the whole people of God

-Serve within the LCMC

-Serve in other leadership areas for the whole church

-Coordinate all these with the Senior Pastor

• Attend staff meetings and retreats

• Coordinate with Senior Pastor to:

-Attend monthly Church Council meetings

-Prepare monthly report for the Church Council

• Publicize events and activities through bulletin, newsletter, web page, and other media as needed

• Take appropriate time for self-care

-Take days off in accordance with the Letter of Call and congregational policies

-Take vacation in accordance with the Letter of Call and congregational policies

-Participate in continuing education Letter of Call and congregational policies

-Coordinate these with other staff members

• Supervise the Director of Education

-Work with the Director of Education to select, implement and evaluate Sunday School curriculum






Please send: Cover Letter/Resume/References to Office Manager, c/o Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Call Committee, 310 West Elizabeth Street, Tomah, WI 54660 or email your documents to


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