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Lead Campus Protection Agent

Valor Christian High School
Posted: 10/26/2022
Salary/Range: $50,000 - $60,000
Highlands Ranch, CO

Valor Christian High School (“Valor”) is located on a 35-acre suburban campus and currently has an enrollment of over 1,200 students and approximately 200 staff and faculty. The school has a vibrant co-curricular program with after-school and weekend activities taking place throughout the year. The Lead Campus Protection Agent (“Agent”) will be responsible for supporting all aspects of Valor’s safety & security program and serve as the primary point of contact for the school’s after-hours security provider. This position will support all campus safety & security efforts during the school day as well.  

With the understanding and expectation that this is far more than just a security “guard” role, Valor is seeking an individual with experience and competency in all areas required to successfully achieve this goal. The individual in this role must be exceptionally skilled in many areas and be able to anticipate threats both internally and externally. Strong situational awareness is a must. In addition, this individual must understand the unique environment of a private school and delicately balance the needs for a strong program with the desire to maintain a thriving high school culture.  

Since the school’s inception in 2007, significant campus-wide investments have been made. Valor currently has an iron security fence on the west and north perimeter of the property with automated vehicular gates, security cameras throughout the campus, access control on all exterior doors, contracted after-hours security presence and a School Resource Officer (SRO) on campus when school is in session. The relationship the school has with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office continues to be strong. This position will report directly to the Director of Safety & Security.

You are most likely to thrive in this role if you love the Lord Jesus Christ and are adept at integrating your faith into your daily work. A relentless commitment to keep the Valor community safe must be a passion that drives you and must always be on your mind. Being a life-long learner and fully engaged in this field of study will also help you be successful and this program be recognized as one of the very best in the nation.

Valor Christian High School is a decidedly Christian, college preparatory school whose core values honor a biblical foundation. Valor employees are faith-filled, joyful believers who are active in a local, Christian church whose beliefs are in alignment with the school’s Statement of Beliefs. They are both called and committed to the school’s vision and mission and seamlessly integrate faith into their daily work. You will be most successful if you have a true servant’s heart, a teachable spirit, a love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and a commitment to the school’s beliefs and values.


  • Provide an armed, alert and highly skilled security presence on campus ensuring the protection of students, staff, guests and property.
  • Support all safety and security programs and protocols of the school and help to develop plans and strategies for continual improvement in coordination with and under the direction of the Director of Safety & Security.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for response to after-hours alarms received from the security monitoring company.
  • Work closely with the contracted after-hours security provider to ensure the correct protocols are being implemented and consistently followed, confirm the presence of guards so the campus is not left unprotected.
  • Support an annual internal safety and security assessment in addition to an external audit every 3 years in coordination with and under the direction of the Director of Safety & Security.
  • Serve as a member of the Safety & Security Committee
  • Support the development of operational plans for campus events and large group gatherings

Possess and Model a Growing Relationship with Christ

  • Pursue full devotion to Christ and live a life that reflects that authenticity
  • Model the fruit of the spirit in communications, relationships and daily work
  • Demonstrate teachability and a willing heart for service
  • Embody others-centered, servant-leadership in all interactions

Demonstrate Trustworthy Commitment to Valor Christian High School

  • Accept and uphold Valor’s values and beliefs as found in the Statement of BeliefsChristian Community Policy, and Valor Culture Document
  • Accept and abide by all affirmations in Valor’s Annual Statement of Commitment
  • Be relationally involved in the life/lives of our students with a heart of service and mission
  • Seamlessly and deliberately integrate Biblical truth and Christian values into daily work

Serve Wholeheartedly as an Exceptional Teammate

  • Uphold and embody Valor’s culture as set forth in the Valor Culture Document
  • Model servant leadership, grace and love in all relationships and interactions
  • Develop relationships with colleagues with goals of teamwork, relational unity, and spiritual growth
  • Provide team support regarding all matters, processes, and initiatives
  • Demonstrate loyalty to teammates in action and wordAssist Team members to facilitate school-wide wins

Demonstrate a Commitment to Fulfilling Valor’s Vision and Mission

  • Assume collaborative responsibility for Operating Plan Goals and Fiscal stewardship
  • Be a ‘culture- keeper’

Demonstrate a Commitment to Growth

  • Participate in Valor Team meetings, Chapel, and weekly meetings with Team/Supervisor.
  • Demonstrate teachability and receptive to feedback
  • Pursue professional/personal/spiritual growth and development
  • Participate in the broader ministry of Valor by contributing of time, talent, and treasure beyond assigned role responsibilities


  • Director of Safety & Security/ Director of Student Life
  • Other Safety & Security Protection Agents
  • Deans Office
  • Douglas County SRO and other law enforcement personnel
  • Contracted after-hours security provider
  • All staff and faculty
  • All students
  • All visitors and campus guests



Valor’s community continues to flourish as the confidence level in the safety and security program grows. With God’s hand of protection on the campus and strong leadership in this area, all community members remain safe and feel secure in the campus environment. Valor’s safety and security protection program will be known nationwide as an exceptional model, one on which other schools and organizations would desire to base their programs.  


  • Associates or bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in criminal justice or job-related area
  • Law enforcement or emergency management experience required
  • EMT or Advanced medical training, preferred
  • CPR & First Aid required
  • Firearms training and certifications



  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Strong command presence
  • High moral character & integrity
    Solid organizational and administrative skills
  • Exceptional communicator – both verbal and written
  • Strong work ethic
  • Good judgment & discernment
  • Full alignment with Valor’s culture
  • Resourceful
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong Surveillance skills
  • Objectivity
  • Emotional intelligence
  • De-escalation techniques and skills
  • Maintain physical fitness, readiness and skills, including but not limited to self-defense/use of force/close-quarter combat skills and firearms proficiency.
  • Pass a rigorous self-defense/defensive tactics, use of force and firearms training program (including regular re-qualifications).
  • Willingness to submit to a psychological examination.



This position requires the ability to actively patrol a 35-acre campus and all buildings on foot, bicycle or other form of transportation in an effective manner. It is expected the individual in this role may walk 5+ miles per day.

Employees must periodically lift and/or move up to 25 pounds and could occasionally be required to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close and distance vision, color vision, peripheral/depth perception and the ability to adjust focus. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


The work environment characteristics are varied and include classroom, office, and outdoor events while performing the essential functions of this job. The noise level in the work environment is also varied.

POSITION TYPE: Salary. 12-month, year-round C schedule

HOURS PER WEEK: Full-time, exempt. Nights and weekends on occasion.

SUPERVISOR: Director of Safety & Security

ANNUAL SALARY: $50,000 – $60,000

START DATE: November 1, 2022

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