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Senior/Lead Pastors

Lead Pastor

Redeeming Grace Church
Posted: 02/04/2022
Smithsburg, Maryland

The Staff Pastor will initially have primary responsibilities in 5 categories:
● leadership and equipping
● preaching
● pastoral care
● outreach and evangelism
● general administration and planning

a. Demonstrated commitment to living as a disciple of Christ, transformed by
his saving grace, and committed to God’s ongoing sanctifying work of grace in
his life.
b. Demonstrated commitment to seeing others hear and come to know the
saving grace of Christ personally and to grow in that grace.
c. Demonstrated commitment to Reformed doctrine as defined in the
Westminster Catechism (we do not practice infant baptism but hold to
believer’s baptism; we are fully continuationist with regard to the living,
active and empowering presence of the Holy Spirit).
d. Completed bible college, seminary degree, pastor’s college certificate or have
equivalent pastoral experience.
e. Ability to embrace, explain and continue to explore a sound and consistent
Reformed theology as it applies to all of life and culture.
f. Ability to effectively communicate Biblical truth in gracious ways through
writing, in person, and through preaching and teaching.
g. Ability to understand congregational culture, and a willingness to embrace
how reformed theology finds its outward expression and practice
respectfully and thoughtfully in the local church.
h. Ability to build and develop relationships between and among individuals
and families within the church across age groups, income brackets, and
ability/gifting levels.
i. Committed by the power of the Holy Spirit to living out with humility gospel
centered, grace-based relationships in all areas of life.
j. Demonstrated ability to work helping, developing, and equipping others for ministry to youth.
k. Ability to embrace the mission of RGC and to contribute to applying and exercising strategic leadership gifts to move forward the shared mission of the church and its ministries in the future.
l. Ability to set goals consistent with the mission of the local church and motivate others to work towards them.
m. Ability to (in collaboration with other elders, volunteer leaders and other
members) develop and carry out task based action plans within the budgets of available resources.

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