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Christ Community Church
Posted: 03/28/2022
Salary/Range: TBD based upon experience
Dearborn, MI

Church Overview:

Christ Community Church is a strong family of faith following hard after Jesus by glorifying God in regular collective worship gatherings, active small groups, and by loving our city well through actively open doors of service and evangelism. CCC is an eight-year-old church planting initiative in the heart of Dearborn, MI that, by God’s grace, became a self-governing, self-sustaining local church in May 2021. The membership currently stands at 36 with several additional individuals and families in regular attendance.

CCC strives to be a church where believers are shepherded well as they are equipped to reach their city and world for Christ. CCC regards itself as “God’s people on God’s mission for God’s glory.” God’s People refers to CCC’s members: faithful believers who find their first identity in Christ and have covenanted with CCC as their local church. On God’s Mission refers to the work of all Christ’s disciples in making disciples of their children, neighbors, and all nations (Act 2:38-39) both at home and abroad (Mat 28:18-20; Act 1:8). For God’s Glory refers to that for which we were created and are destined: spreading God’s glory as worshiping image-bearers in Spirit and Truth in the name of Jesus Christ (Gen 1:26-28; John 4:23; Phi 2:9-11; Rev 5:13-14).


City Overview:

CCC is located in the heart of Dearborn, MI, a healthy and vibrant urban/suburban city bordering Detroit. Dearborn has gained attention across the nation for being home to the most densely-settled Muslim community in the USA. This is accurate, but also only part of a very diverse picture. Our Middle Eastern neighbors reflect many sects within Isalm, other religions, and numerous countries of origin. Dearborn itself includes a very large and active multi-ethnic Roman Catholic community. Additionally, our city is seeing the growth of several smaller ethno-cultural communities such as Latin-Americans, Asian-Americans, Indian-Americans, African-Americans and a diverse international university student population attending four campuses in and around Dearborn.

It is CCC’s conviction that good stewardship of the gospel through proclamation and relational evangelism should result in a vibrant congregation of believers who reflect these diverse demographics. If we love all our neighbors well with the gospel we should see our congregation begin to resemble our city’s demographic make-up. This conviction is informed by the Scripture’s anticipation and description of the Church according to God’s redemptive-historical plan culminating with the uniting of all things in Christ (Eph 1:9-10) including the uniting of the nations within the Body of Jesus Christ (Gen 12:3; Isa 56:3-8; Act 2:5-11; Eph 2:11-22; Rev 7:9).


Job Overview:

Beyond the clear biblical requirements for an elder as outlined in the New Testament, Christ Community Church is seeking a purpose filled and nations minded man to to serve alongside and lead as full time Lead Pastor. The Lead Pastor serves as the leading elder on a team of elders and deacons (the LEAD Team) overseeing the ministries and resources of the church. As the first among elders, the Lead Pastor is called to devote his time to prayer, the ministry of the Word (through preaching, teaching, and disciple-making), and guiding the spiritual care of the members of CCC.



  • The chief requirement is to be a man of godly character with, if married, the continued support and input of his wife and family.
  • Character and skill (“able to teach”) qualifications for being an elder are set forth in the New Testament, including I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
  • Baccalaureate degree. A Master’s degree from an accredited evangelical seminary and ordination is desired.
  • Clear evidence of personal spiritual fruit and the cultivation of spiritual fruit in others.
  • Gospel focused, cross cultural experience or passion is desired.


Ministry Requirements and Responsibilities:

Chief among the Lead Pastor’s responsibilities are the church’s Word ministries and Shepherding Ministries (pastoral care) which, according to Acts 6:4, Acts 20:28-32, Ephesians 4:11-16, I Peter 5:2-3, and Psalm 23 involve the responsibilities of:

  • Knowing the flock: nurture personal relationships with the flock
  • Feeding the flock: feed the members & equip lay leaders with the Word so that thinking and lives are shaped by the Gospel. This will require a continual growth in sound hermeneutical principles for Scripture interpretation for preaching, teaching, counseling, and decision-making.
  • Leading the flock: discern and cast God’s vision for CCC while focusing efforts and guiding the practical steps to carry out that vision.
  • Guarding the flock: morally & doctrinally guard the hearts of the members.



CCC is seeking a Full Time Pastor (no less than 40 hours/week) but may consider bi-vocational.

  • Cultivation:
  • Prayer for the church and community.
  • Sermon preparation and delivery.
  • Worship Service oversight, planning, & execution (with the Music & Hospitality Team).
  • Ministry planning (with the LEAD Team & Vision Team).
  • Member visitation & care.
  • Multiplication:
  • Disciple-making with an emphasis on equipping & developing.
  • Local city engagement and evangelism.
  • Gospel Community oversight and advancement.
  • Transformation:
  • The spiritual health of the Lead Pastor is essential for the spiritual effectiveness of his ministry. The Lead Pastor is, therefore, also expected to be engaged in personal soul-care, accountability relationships, taking weekly time for personal prayer and devotion, sabbath rest, and family recreation.


Application Process:

Interested applicants should apply by emailing a resume and video sermon sample to Kirsten at Please specify the name of the church in your email.

Applicants will not be considered without submission of a video sermon sample. 



To Apply: