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Youth and Children's Ministry

Minister to Students

Elizabeth Baptist Church
Posted: 02/24/2022
Shelby, North Carolina

The Minister of Students is responsible for developing a comprehensive program of student
Christian education and spiritual formation.

Responsibilities and Duties:
⧫ Administration
Provide oversight to the student leadership council.
Serve as chairman of the Student Ministry Team/Student Council.
Enlist student workers in communication with the Nominating Committee.
Provide for training of student workers as appropriate.
Work with the office administration in keeping the church calendar accurate by
scheduling programs and use of the buildings and other resources for student activities.
Provide leadership for securing necessary funding for student events by coordinating with
the Budget and Finance Committee and providing leadership for fund raising.
Serve as a liaison to the Adult Discipleship Pastor for transitioning graduates from the
Youth Ministry into the Adult Ministry, as part of the Young Adult College Age Ministry
(“Matrix” – ages 18-23).
Communicate effectively and regularly with middle and high school students and their
families. Communicate with graduates and college aged students as a liaison to the
Young Adult College Age Ministry (“Matrix”).
Provide resources for strengthening ministry to students.
Maintain and publicize office hours when available for students.
Provide for the accessibility of the student facility and its security.
Teach students to take responsibility for maintaining cleanliness of the student facilities.
Coordinate more significant upkeep and maintenance issues with Properties Committee
Coordinate background check and training for all student ministry leaders/volunteers.
Coordinate with Children’s Ministry to utilize students in assisting with various children’s
ministries events/activities (VBS, Fall Festival, Easter Celebration).
Collaborate with Children’s Ministry to develop transition into Student Ministry.
Collaborate and coordinate with Adult Discipleship Pastor and Children’s ministers with
Sunday morning life group (SS) events and promotion.
Work with the Staff and Finance Committee in preparing the annual student ministry
In cooperation with the other ministries of EBC, develop and implement discipleship &
evangelism strategies for the student ministry.
Model leadership in evangelizing lost and unchurched middle school, high school, and
college age students along with their families.
Serve as a Christian role model.
Assist personally with student ministry through training, discipleship, provision of mission
opportunities, Bible study, and evangelism.
Plan and implement annual mission trips and summer conferences for students.
Plan & implement student events throughout the year.
Develop and facilitate creative, relevant, intentional, and age-appropriate worship and
small group environments for students.
Interact periodically with 6th grade students to help provide a smooth transition into
student ministry.
Assist the pastor in areas of the pastor’s work as requested. Visit workers, parents, and
students on occasions of sickness and as required for enlistment, encouragement, and
Provide pastoral counseling with youth and families and counsel as requested by the
Assist with home and hospital visitation as requested by the pastor.
Aid in worship services as requested.
Coordinate with respect to students these five church purposes: discipleship, fellowship,
evangelism, worship, and ministry.
The Minister of Students is directly responsible to the Pastor, taking directions from him in
the performance of his duties, and is to be evaluated annually by the Pastor.
The salary for this full-time position is determined by the Personnel Committee with
cooperation and input from the Budget Finance Committee.

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