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Ministry Coach

OMF (U.S.)
Posted: 02/24/2023
Salary/Range: Volunteer
Anywhere in the U.S.

God has given OMF a heart for Asia and the desire to bring his hope to billions. To do this, OMF seeks to recruit, select, and equip, individuals to become more involved – or “mobilized” – for work in East Asia.

A Ministry Coach Volunteer receives initial communication through the Ministry Coach Coordinator, contacts the inquirer and discusses possible books, topics, countries, or other mission topics that will help the inquirer to discern the Lord’s direction.  This is accomplished in order to nurture, equip, and mobilize inquirers that contact OMF.

Major Responsibilities

Relate to and mentor those interested in pursuing mission work:

  • Upon receipt of email recommendation from the Follow-Up Volunteer, make either email or telephone contact with the inquirer.
  • Discuss with the inquirer areas where personal mission discipleship would be helpful, e.g. book, country, missions generally, etc.
  • Establish a coaching plan with the inquirer that will accomplish the goal identified in #2. At the end of the plan, be prepared to make additional next step recommendations.
  • Be able to describe the different relationship levels in a way that helps the inquirer discern the appropriate level for them.
  • If there are recommended next steps with OMF, start a profile for the inquirer and record conversation and any emails in International Personnel System.
  • Schedule regular appoints with the Ministry Coach Coordinator to discuss the plan and receive coaching and prayer.
  • Researching to keep current with mission trends and East Asia needs and opportunities.
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