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Missionary Assistant

Trinity Mission Inc
Posted: 04/10/2023
Salary/Range: $20/hr

<span;>Job Title: Remote Missionary Assistant

<span;>Job Summary: The Remote Missionary Assistant will provide support to the missions team by assisting with administrative tasks, communication, and other duties as assigned. This is a remote position that requires excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently.


<span;>• Assist the missions team with administrative tasks, such as scheduling meetings, maintaining databases, and processing paperwork

<span;>• Manage and update the mission team’s social media accounts and other communication channels

<span;>• Communicate with missionaries and other team members to provide updates and gather information

<span;>• Help plan and coordinate mission trips and events

<span;>• Research and provide information on relevant mission-related topics and issues

<span;>• Provide logistical support for mission trips, including booking travel and accommodations for team members

<span;>• Assist with fundraising efforts for mission projects

<span;>• Collaborate with other team members and departments to ensure effective communication and coordination


<span;>• Strong organizational and administrative skills

<span;>• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

<span;>• Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite

<span;>• Knowledge of social media platforms and digital communication tools

<span;>• Ability to work independently and as part of a team

<span;>• Strong problem-solving skills

<span;>• Flexibility to work outside of regular business hours as needed

<span;>• Experience working in a mission or non-profit environment preferred

<span;>Education and Experience:

<span;>• High school diploma or equivalent required

<span;>• Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred

<span;>• Experience in administrative or support roles preferred

<span;>Working Conditions: This is a remote position that requires a reliable internet connection and a quiet work environment. The position may require occasional travel for mission trips and events. The position may require working outside of regular business hours to accommodate international time zones.

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