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LifeChange International
Posted: 09/27/2021
Salary/Range: Dependent on Country, Support Raised by Missionaries
Littleton, CO

LifeChange International is a growing missions organization gear toward potential missionaries that God has called to pioneer a ministry.  LifeChange supports missionaries in their call and helps them thrive in this call financially, culturally and spiritually.  


If you feel that you have been called by the Lord to work cross-culturally and are looking to develop a new ministry, possibly with an unreached people group, LifeChange can provide support and training.  


Additionally LifeChange is beginning a training program for missionaries to work with children in crisis in the developing world.  This is a program for various types of children’s programs across cultures.  The goal of this program is to help people that desire to work as missionaries with children to gain a better understanding of what is available and to develop realistic expectations.  This aids in preventing burnout and loss of longevity on the missions field due to disappointments and unmet expectations.

Missionaries with LifeChange range their own support for their work.  LifeChange can aid in helping the missionary raise their support for themselves and their families.  LifeChange has no administrative fees.  100% of support raised by LifeChange missionaries goes to the missionaries and their ministries.

To learn more about LifeChange and becoming a LifeChange missionary, please contact Jack Fairweather at:

To Apply: Jack Fairweather at 720-936-5673 or