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Missions Pastor

Foundations Church
Posted: 10/07/2021
Salary/Range: $65-75k
Loveland, CO


The Missions Pastor (MP) will support the Lead Pastor, Staff Team, and volunteers in achieving Foundations’ mission to bring the extraordinary life of Jesus to a lost and broken world and our vision to connect, inspire, and fuel the church to go and be the church through incarnational ministry by designing, building and executing a strategic, Christ-centered, highly participatory local, national and global ministry that gives our church family opportunities to exercise their hearts and gifts as well as tangibly care for others. The MP will demonstrate compassionate, strategic, vision-driven leadership and will lead all those involved in the ministry to become movement-oriented, Jesus-followers, including building and shepherding volunteer teams that execute the ministry with full hearts and excellence.


Biblically, leadership is a key aspect of growing a healthy church and organizing God’s people to do God’s work (Eph 4:11-16). Uniquely qualified and gifted (1 Tm 3:1-15; Tit 1:5-9), spiritual leaders are to lead eagerly, humbly and willingly with all diligence as they serve, oversee, lead, teach, shepherd, protect and manage the ministry and the flock by the power of the Holy Spirit (Jn 13:1-17; 1 Th 5:12; 1 Pt 5:1-4; 2 Tm 4:2; Acts 20:28-30; Mk 10:45; Mt 20:25-26; 28:18-20). They are persons of upstanding character and outstanding competence (Ps 78:72; Phil 3:12-16; Col 1:28-29; 1 Co 9:22-27; 1 Tm 4:11-16). 

Historically, God’s leaders have been visionary catalysts for God-honoring change, role models of Christocentric living, team builders and team players who rely on God’s power at work in and through them to accomplish God-sized things (1 Th 2:10; 1 Tm 4:12; 2 Tm 2:2; Acts 6:3-4; 14:23; Neh 2:12, 17; Ex 18). Spiritual leadership is a noble task that should not be taken lightly as its stakes are eternal and will one day require giving an account before Almighty God Himself (1 Tm 3:1; Jas 3:1; Hb 13:17). This position will require just such a leader in order to help direct Foundations’ faith-explorers and Christ-followers into life-changing encounters with God and His people (Acts 2:42-47; 16:22-34; Lk 10:19; Mt 28:18-20; Mk 10:45; 12:29-31; Gal 3:28; Eph 2:19-22; 4:11-16). 

Strategically, this leadership position is warranted for 3 specific reasons: a) achieving Foundations’ unyielding mission of “Bringing the EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF JESUS to a lost and broken world” demands fantastic missional leadership, b) effective ministry requires a primary champion, c) within our multisite model—the mission & outreach ministry that will happen through various locations —merits the most diligent and strategic leadership God will provide.



  • • A faithful, growing Christ-follower who is deepening in his/her personal relationship with Christ, and models this and Him to others.
  • • A passionate desire to see people come to know, love and follow Christ in the context of biblical community.
  • • Primary Spiritual Gifts: Leadership, Discernment, and Serving.
  • • In full, unwavering alignment with Foundations’ Statement of Beliefs, Values, Mission, and Vision.
  • • Desires to know and love God even more than s/he wants to be used by God (Jn 15:1-8).
  • • Consistently treats others in a way that proves to them that they matter to God and to us.


  • • Availability to give the position and ministry the time and attention it needs to be optimally successful.
  • • Urgent desire to handle conflict constructively and graciously.
  • • Humble, credible, trustworthy, teachable, and a self-starter with catalytic leadership influence and impact. 
  • • Skilled in building and leading gifts-based teams to accomplish shared purposes.
  • • A team player who sees the need to take others with him/her in the journey of leadership and leadership development and equip others for community-building impact.
  • • Strong verbal and social skills that enable him/her to be an effective and creative communicator among staff and the church family, whether in large or small groups.
  • • Exhibits the highest level of integrity in representing Jesus Christ and Foundations Church in all spheres.
  • • Self-starter and driven, but with the ability to balance the work-life tension of fast-paced ministry. 


  • • Ideally, an undergraduate degree with emphasis in Christian Ministry, Missiology, and/or Leadership.
  • • Adequate qualitative experience in an organizational management position that demonstrates proven competence.
  • • Ideally, staff experience in a multisite context (i.e., one church with multiple locations/venues).
  • • An innovative, strategic thinker regarding short and long-term ministry vision and needs.
  • • Experience working with non-profits, community organizations, local church partnerships, and missional organizations.
  • • Skill in utilizing various software(s) such as: Microsoft/Apple Suite, Mail Chimp and Planning Center.
  • • A highly relational person with high emotional intelligence. 
  • • Deeply reflective on and in touch with the thought processes, hopes, fears, joys, needs and struggles of the Northern Colorado community.
  • • A firm grasp of global missiology in both understanding and application.
  • • Patience in collaborating with and developing/discipling volunteers with various personalities and skill levels.
  • • Time management that prioritizes ministry needs with attention to managing details and meeting deadlines.


  1. 1. The MP will work with the XP of Ministries to craft the strongest, deepest, and most meaningful mission/outreach culture possible in order to nourish the deepest spiritual growth of the Foundations’ family and to help Foundations Church bring the extraordinary life of Jesus to a lost and broken world. 
  2. 2. The MP will be a developmental team-builder who builds a team and then recruits, trains, empowers, unleashes, and coaches volunteers into sweet-spot roles of impact. 
  3. 3. The MP will plan and execute relevant and practical serving opportunities, both local, national and global, that best engage the hearts, passions, and talents of the Foundations Church family. 
  4. 4. The MP will ensure the smooth operation and flow of the Mission & Outreach Ministry’s systems and processes.
  5. 5. The MP will serve as the primary mission & outreach champion between all Foundations’ campuses, striving to keep cross-campus communication, collaboration, and cross-pollination channels open and strong for the most vibrant multisite culture possible.
  6. 6. The MP will invest time and energy into developing and pursuing the most strategic partnerships (local, national, global) with organizations, non-profits, and churches that share Foundation’s vision and mission, while stewarding resources with integrity. 
  7. 7. The MP will collaborate with the appropriate local entities, organizations, or partners to help our church best identity and most impactfully activate around our community’s chief needs.
  8. 8. The MP will research, design, build, lead, and execute cross-cultural ministry partnerships, events, trips and experiences as Foundation’s seeks to live out its mission. 
  9. 9. The MP will help prepare and submit an Annual Ministry Budget, attend relevant staff meetings, and participate in various all-staff events. 
  10. 10. The MP will oversee & update the Financial Care process, including training and leading volunteers, to care for our neighbors in the most relevant, self-empowering, Christ-centered, loving way. 
  11. 11. In the event of a large local crisis, the MP will work to provide the members of Foundations Church with opportunities to tangibly and meaningfully express the incarnational love of Jesus through serving, partnerships, and developing disaster relief plans.  


Building Effective Teams, Motivating Others, Developing Volunteers, Managing Process & Systems, Delegation & Directing Others, Conflict Management, Approachability, Action-Oriented, Organizing, Interpersonal Savvy, Managing Vision & Purpose, Customer Focus, Informing, Planning, Written Communication, Compassion, Sizing Up People, Approachability, Problem Solving, Decision Quality, Patience, Global Perspective, Understanding Others, Dealing with Ambiguity


The Missions Pastor will have significant influence and input on shaping the local and global mission and outreach vision of Foundations Church, as well as offer leadership on the Ministry Leadership Team.  


The Foundations’ Missions Pastor will be directly responsible to and accountable to the XP of Ministries, who will provide general oversight and specific coaching to ensure that the MP is well aligned with Foundations’ overall Values, Mission, Vision, depth, and direction. Under the oversight of the XP, the MP will be the primary leader of Foundations’ mission and outreach ministries and volunteers. The MP will serve in collaboration with the Foundations’ Ministry Leadership Team and staff. Ultimately, the MP will ensure that the Mission & Outreach Ministry’s Values, Mission, Vision, and Strategy are aligned with Foundations’ overall Values, Mission, Vision, and direction throughout our multisite context and staff team. 

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