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Worship Ministry

Modern Service Leder

St. John's Church at Wash Park
Posted: 08/23/2022
Salary/Range: $500/Sunday
Wash Park

Job Description: Modern Service Worship Leader



About St. John’s


St. John’s Denver is one church in two locations (Wash Park and Highlands).  We are currently looking for a Music Director for our Wash Park Campus, who can bring us vibrant, lyrically substantive worship, that teaches us the whole counsel of God, and is all-in when it comes to the mission of making disciples.  Our campus is located right across the street from Wash Park.  Here is a description of Wash Park from Wikipedia:  “Washington Park is a neighborhood and public urban park in Denver, Colorado. The Washington Park located in Denver, Colorado, United States is a blend of historic and contemporary styles of architecture. Its historic buildings, lakes, tennis courts, lawns, large flower gardens, and recreation center provide various experiences for visitors….The park is very popular both as a tourist destination and among Denver locals, with some comparing it to New York City‘s Central Park.[2] Apart from activities like jogging, walking or biking, the park serves as a center for social activities and encourages community involvement. Due to its welcoming appearance and unique characteristics, the Washington Park was designated as one of the “Great Public Spaces in America” by the American Planning Association in the year 2012.”[3]



Denver is a beautiful city that is sunny, with gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains.  It has a lot to do in terms of city life as well as being close to the foothills and mountains for biking, walking, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

St. John’s is very connected in the community and allows for its building to be used by organizations and other non-profit organizations. This provides for a lot of relationship opportunities for our staff.

St. John’s is a Church that believes in the authority of Scripture and is very mission minded.  We believe strongly in the supremacy of Jesus Christ as the source of life and forgiveness for all.  We value making disciples in relational environments.  We are blessed to have godly, qualified men who serve as Elders who govern our church.  We are also blessed to have a unified staff that is joyful and gets along well!

If you are interested or know someone that is: please contact Lead Pastor Andrew Farhat at 541-315-1021 or submit a resume to




About the Job


Responsible to: Lead Pastor for Music.  Worship Coordinator for other service Details.


Supervises: Modern Worship Service


Type of Position: Part Time


Spiritual Gifts/Talents and Qualities: Music, Ambitious


Objectives: The Modern Worship Leader makes sure we have a quality worship experience





  • Believes and commits to the Scriptures as the foundation for everything we believe and practice.
  • Commits to a life of prayer and Scripture reading, and being an example of what it looks like to follow Jesus.




  • Can lead music in Worship and is comfortable with hymns and modern worship. Our hope is that this person can lead our first service one day and do basically the same service twice.
  • Can lead from the Grand Piano or Guitar and be the Lead Vocalist
  • Is passionate about the mission of St. John’s: connecting people to Jesus.
  • Loves music that is vibrant, inspiring, timeless, and lyrics that have depth and meaning that share the whole counsel of God.
  • Loves music that connects with a post-churched urban context.
  • Loves music that ministers to people who are suffering.
  • Appreciates variety in worship and singing new songs.




  • Excellent, tasteful, musicianship.
  • Experienced band leader who organizes team members and communicates clearly.
  • Some Familiarity (but does not have to be an expert) with worship, audio, visual, and lighting technology.


Music Responsibilities


  • Selects songs for Worship under the Vision of the Lead Pastor.
  • Continues to learn new songs so that Sunday worship is fresh.
  • Recruits musicians in the congregation, the school, the St. John’s community, and other Denver networks of musicians. Has a plan for auditioning new musicians, and giving them a pathway to become a part of the band.
  • Leans more on live music over a track.
  • Maintains expectations for band members from dress code to prep expectations.
  • Comes to rehearsal very prepared with a plan both musically and spiritually.
  • Selects musicians for weekly Sunday worship.
  • Get song lyrics to Worship Coordinator exactly how they will appear on the screen.
  • Can recommend (But not required to be an expert) equipment upgrades to Worship Coordinator if needed such as: sound board, drum set, drum cage, lighting, LED big screens, and cameras.


Other Responsibilities


  • Attends worship meetings with Lead Pastor and Worship Coordinator twice/month.
  • Attends annual Church and School staff meeting in August
  • Provides music for memorial services, Advent by Candlelight, Staff Events, and Voters Meetings for a fee if available.







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