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Church Administration (non-pastoral roles)

Next Gen Ministry Director

Remembrance Church
Posted: 01/28/2022
Grand Rapids, MI

Remembrance Church seeks a full time Next Gen Ministry Director to manage and lead Student (6th–12th grade) Ministries [est. 80% of time], and oversee and provide vision to the Kid’s (nursery through 5th Grade) Ministry Staff (20% of time)

  • Remembrance is a multi-generational, “mid-sized” church (500-600 average weekly attendance) who desires to make disciples who make other disciples.
  • At Remembrance, we are striving to be intentional in empowering our next generation (nursery through 12th grade) by teaching them to lovingly and boldly grow in faith and to share the Gospel in our community.

You should apply for this key position if…

  • You have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and feel compelled by God’s call to invest your life in ministry to this next generation in living out the Gospel.
  • Your heart beats for our next generation and you wake up in the morning ready to relationally connect with students, kids, and volunteers.
  • You have several years of experience and training that demonstrates a deep passion for discipleship that impacts students (6th -12th grade) in a variety of ways through: 1) engaging large group experiences that create a safe and spiritually energized community for students. 2) Relationally charged experiences and activities that catalyze spiritual growth (mission trips, retreats, fun events…). 3) Building and maintaining small discipleship groups where volunteer leaders mentor students to grow their faith.
  • You would enjoy directing current staff and helping to grow the vision of a vibrant Kid’s Ministry.

You can demonstrate your ability to build, develop, work with and lead volunteer leaders and teams of students.

The Ideal candidate:

Has a heart for God

  • Passionate follower of Jesus as evidenced by a personal vibrancy and love for students and kids.
  • Loves Jesus and it just flows out of them.
  • Is able to correctly handle and effectively communicate the Word of God to different age groups in a manner that expresses our evangelical theology in the Reformed tradition.
  • Has an affinity for Christ’s mission for the church
  • Has a heart that beats for discipleship
  • Notices the lost and desires that all should be saved
  • Has a shepherd’s heart—desire to move people closer to Christ

Is a gifted leader with students, kids and volunteers

  • Has a genuine love for students and a calling/passion to minister to them (in a season of life when they can fully invest in their lives)
  • Able to implement and lead a multifaceted plan for discipleship that includes a movement from large group medium groups small groups
  • Encourages connected and unconnected students to engage, come to Christ, grow toward spiritual maturity, build life-long faith foundations, and serve others.
  • Can see and contribute to “Growing Young” as a vital part of the church
  • Naturally connects students into the life of the church
  • Comes alongside parents as they disciple their students
  • Partners with Kids Ministry for a great “handoff”
  • Has a primary bend towards people and relationships, and yet can develop and organize systems to utilize people and their gifts.

Is an empowering leader

  • Seeks out people by exploring, nurturing, cultivating gifts and passions and incorporating them into the life of the team.
  • It’s more than just leading students—it’s about building teams, developing leaders, fostering community, and creating movement for people as they serve.
  • He/She “disciples the disciplers” (proven track record of developing leaders).
  • Can lead a collaborative culture that develops a vision and strategy for Student and Kid’s Ministries
  • Is approachable, flexible, and has a good sense of humor
  • Can manage details and create structures that enhance and support Student and Kid’s Ministries

Possesses other important traits

  • Is committed to growing in their own relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Is a self-starter, positive, optimistic, humble and teachable leader
  • Has a good sense of humor and is able to laugh at themself
  • Is able to admit mistakes, learn new tools, and take on new challenges
  • Naturally embraces and adapts to growth, change, innovation and creativity
  • Uses appropriate judgment in the areas of discretion, sensitivity, & confidentiality
  • Has a cooperative, healthy and motivating relationship with supervisors and coworkers
  • Can navigate conflict well but doesn’t seek it out
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