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Youth and Children's Ministry

Nursury Leader

The Sacred Grace
Posted: 09/29/2021
Salary/Range: $18-$22/Hr
North Aurora
  1. Nursery Environment & Care

    1.1. Responsible for the safety and cleanliness of the Nursery before children arrive.

    1. 1.2.  Responsibleforthecareforthesmallestmembersofourchurchthroughsmiles,eyecontact,songs,

      soft words, engaging conversation, and play.

    2. 1.3.  Responsible for cleaning and resetting the Nursery after children leave.

  2. Nursery Volunteers & Training

    2.1. Responsible to create a positive, warm, and welcoming environment for volunteers.

    1. 2.2.  Responsible to engage and direct volunteers, helping them connect to one another and the children.

    2. 2.3.  Responsible for training of new volunteers and keeping current volunteers up to date on all policies

      and procedures related to care, safety, and discipline.

    3. 2.4.  Responsible that all volunteers are upholding safety standards and appropriate care, and gentle

      discipline when necessary.

  3. Nursery Communication

    3.1. Responsible to communicate important events with parents including any sweet moments, interactions with other children, discipline issues, or injuries.

    1. 3.2.  Responsible to contact parents during service if a need arises that we are unable to fill to allow the parent to give the guidance so their child can feel the most secure.

    2. 3.3.  Responsible to communicate to KIDS Director, other staff, and volunteers memorable moments from the Nursery to celebrate the milestones of children within the church.

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