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Office and Administration

Office/Operations Manager

Living Faith Church
Posted: 01/27/2022
Circle Pines, Minnesota

Overview: The Church Office/Operations Manager is responsible for the efficient operations of the church office and facility and reports to the Lead Pastor. This position works closely with staff and directly supports the Lead Pastor. Responsibilities include:


1.    Office Management

a.    Maintain database and support systems for Church Management, document control, and Finances (Planning Center, QuickBooks, software, etc.)

b.    Ensure proper maintenance of all office equipment and other computer systems

c.     Manage large projects, including  and database updates.

d.    Coordinate the development of policies and procedures of the church with the church staff and CSL

e.    Administer background checks

f.     Support the maintenance of the Living Faith webpage and Church Center App

g.    Manage church Insurance claims and Workers Comp Audit process

h.    Develop and maintain office Work Instructions and SOPs ensure training for all staff on current systems

i.      Perform other general office and administrative tasks as required


2.    Personnel Management

a.    Maintain employee records

b.    Onboard new employee

c.     Supervise office staff, Custodian and Bookeeper


3.    Facilities

a.    Coordinate routine building maintenance and inspections with appropriate vendors

b.    Manage building security, including monitoring camera system, distributing keys and key fobs, and monitoring key usage and alarms in Honeywell NetAXS


4.    Finance

a.    Ensure completion of bimonthly payroll

b.    Process monthly bills

c.     Maintain vendor files

d.    Work with Church Treasurer to produce Year-end Tax Statements (1099 and W2)

e.    Perform monthly Giving Deposit Transfer from Planning Center to QuickBooks


5.    Support Congregational and guest needs

Ensure timely communication, follow-up, and responses for church mail, e-mail, voice mail, etc.
Follow-up, track, and file attendance logs, visitor cards, prayer requests, etc.
Schedule Special Events (i.e., weddings, receptions, funerals, non-member use of church facilities, etc.)
Maintain the church calendar and communications support


6. Support for church pastors, ministries, council, and ministry teams.

Support clerical and logistic needs of the pastor(s)
Schedule, communicate, and coordinate logistics for church affairs with church staff and ministry team leaders
Maintain and update church calendar, bulletin boards, and printed materials (i.e., envelopes, letterheads, prayer cards, etc.)
Attend Council of Servant Leaders meeting


General Skills:

1.    Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel

2.    Possess a caring attitude, excellent people skills, and high integrity 

3.    Be accessible, responsive, and flexible to handle the changing needs of the church

4.    Possess clerical, communications, computer, and administrative skills

5.    Exhibit a willingness to learn new skills, work as a team player, and overall dependability/accessibility


Experience Requirements:

1.    Associates degree in office management preferred; or equivalent life experience

2.    Office management or supervision experience (2 years minimum)

3.    Knowledgeable with computers, database management

4.    Excellent oral and written communication skills


Attributes Valued in this Position

1.    A heart for the needs of the congregation and a spirit that is willing to serve

2.    A regular attender of the church

3.    An ability to drive technology in ministry

4.    A love for Jesus and desire to follow him

5.    Ability to multitask


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