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First Baptist Church, Hiawatha, KS
Posted: 08/16/2022
Hiawatha, KS

First Baptist Church in Hiawatha, Kansas is seeking a pastor who can lead a congregation of about 100 active members under the direction of God’s Holy Spirit, through the instruction of God’s Word. Pastor will fulfill the responsibilities of preaching and teaching on God’s Word in regular worship services of the fellowship. The pastor will conduct Bible studies, visit, encourage, and connect with all ages of the congregation, possess the visionary ability to guide the church’s spiritual development. They will work with church ministries, staff, and the congregation in ways that will energize and encourage personal spiritual and church growth to become the people that Jesus has called us to be.

Detailed Job Description:

1. Corporate Worship: Prepare and deliver an original sermon during in each worship service except when on vacation. Arrive at the church building prior to the service and provide support and information to the Praise Team, as needed. Participate in the worship service by song, praise, and fellowship. Coordinate the service with the Praise Team leaders. Routinely give an invitation to accept Christ at the conclusion of each sermon and pray with anyone coming forward.

2. Bible Study: Dedication to personal Bible study and participation in developing and promoting a small group bible study ministry.

3. Office Hours: Starting with a 40-hour work week, some time will be spent in ministry meetings, visiting others, sermon preparation, and schedule “office hours” or time in the church office each week for people to meet with the pastor for Godly counsel, friendly visits or conduct other business of the Church.

4. Special Occasions: Conduct special worship services during the calendar year. Be available for weddings, funerals for the congregation as well as baptisms, baby dedications, and ordinations. Administer the Lord’s Supper on a regular basis, preferable monthly. Coordinate these events with the Administrative Secretary and other staff as appropriate.

5. Visitation: Make visiting a part of your weekly routine and rotate through our list of shut-in members and in senior living centers. Make the best effort to visit those hospitalized and attend surgeries and critical illness.

6. Counseling: The Pastor will be available for pre-marital and short-term pastoral counseling and will make referrals for counseling as appropriate, to encourage a stable and healthy body of believers within the fellowship. The Pastor needs to listen with patience and compassion taking the time to see and hear the other person. The Pastor should be flexible in their approach while always upholding Christian beliefs and values. 7. Community Involvement: Be a visible member of the community through participation in events that bring glory to God and benefit the local community. The pastor will develop relationships with other ministry leaders in the community and surrounding area for support, edification, and accountability. Also, the pastor will endeavor to work with other ministry leaders in the area to promote the community’s churches working together so that persons come to know Jesus and follow him.

8. Denominational Involvement: Participate in the life of American Baptist Church of the Central Region through attending pastor meeting and/or ABCCR and ABCUSA events.

9. Ministry Involvement: Serve as an ex-officio member of all ministries and Boards or Teams. Support the Church’s ministries by regularly meeting with the Elder Board to oversee the ministry and administrative needs of the Church and with other Team meetings and participating, as needed, in ministry events.

10. Pastor will abide by and strive to comply with the Church’s Bylaws and Guiding Principles.

11. Serve as principal administrator of the church and supervise paid and volunteer staff with the understanding that FBC Hiawatha is structured as a staff-led church with the pastor in the lead position.

Additional Requirements:

1. Formal theological ministry and/or college degree is preferred but not required. Demonstrated competency in congregation spiritual growth across a wide range of ages.

2. Ministry experience as pastor or other full time ministry experience is required.

3. A strong communicator and listener who is energetic and also relates well with kids and youth.

4. Sound character and integrity, meeting the biblical qualifications of an elder and overseer as defined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and will endeavor to fulfill the Covenant of Ministers of the ABC/USA, including the Code of Ethics.

5. A history of compassionate character, demonstrating the fruit of the Holy Spirit as listed in Galatians 5.

6. A heart of humility evidenced in the willingness to shepherd and serve sacrificially.

7. A deep commitment to prayer and personal time in God’s Word.

Compensation |

The compensation package for negotiation includes Pastor’s salary, social security offset, MMBB retirement, housing allowance, health insurance for the Pastor (or Pastor and family with cost sharing), and paid vacation.

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