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Valley Bible Fellowship Church
Posted: 05/23/2022
Salary/Range: TBD
Lagrangeville, NY

Valley Bible Fellowship Church (Lagrangeville, NY) – Pastor

The Big Picture

Valley Bible Fellowship Church ( is a small rural church seeking a full time Senior Pastor who will preach the Word of God, shepherd the congregation, and equip the church for works of service.

The Church

The congregation itself numbers about 30-35 people on an average Sunday. For a small congregation, it is surprisingly diverse ethnically and culturally, with several families from a Hispanic background. The ministry of the church also seeks to provide for several in the congregation who are hearing disabled or deaf. An ASL interpreter is present at each Sunday worship service, and closed captioning is provided for other services and meetings. A majority of the congregation are in their 60’s or older, but there are two families with children – a 5-year-old boy, and two girls, 12 and 14 years old. The members of the church are also exceptionally faithful and generous in their stewardship, and have a willingness to serve where they are able and gifted. One member ran a food pantry ministry, “To God Be the Glory” out of a refrigerated van for several years. He recently passed away, and members of the congregation are continuing that ministry which helps provide food to area churches and food pantries.

Despite the diversity within the congregation, they are united, and many have been attracted to the church, by their desire and longing for sound Biblical preaching and teaching. During the present pastor’s tenure, the length of messages usually run between 35 and 45 minutes. The worship service also is Bible-focused and God-glorifying, with the music, prayers and testimonies all striving to bring the worshippers into the presence of the Lord. The congregation is just about evenly divided between the older faithful members, some of whom have been with the church for decades, and newer families who have joined the church in just the past five years or less. There is a committed love expressed for one another through prayer and acts of caring. Over the past couple of years, the Benevolence Fund has given thousands of dollars to members facing financial crises, as well as lesser amounts to those outside the congregation asking for assistance.

The Community

Lagrangeville (or more accurately, Union Vale) is a rural community of 4,500 people that seeks to retain its small-town atmosphere, despite the trend of families moving into the area from the New York City area. A few members of the congregation commute daily to their job in the city. The rural atmosphere of the area is seen in that Dutchess County has the highest number of horses of any county in New York State. There are still working farms in the town, including one just down and across the street from the church. There are also three-to-four-gun clubs in the town, including one bordering right behind the church. Eagles and hawks perching in nearby trees often draw interested birdwatchers to the church parking lot. Many of the newer homes in town are quite large, as the town zoning law requires a 5-acre minimum to build a new home. As a result, the affluence of families in the town is rising. Because it is a small town, it relies heavily on volunteers for government services. It is one of only a few communities in the county who still maintain both a volunteer fire company and a volunteer ambulance squad.

The Candidate

The pastor will:

1: Preach the Word of God with authority in a relevant and understandable way.

2: Lead the congregation in fulfilling the mission of the church and in their spiritual growth.

3: Shepherd the flock by coming alongside them and caring for their needs.

4: Embrace a call, by God, to serve in a rural community ministry.

5: Meet the qualifications for, and actively pursue, ministerial credentials with the Bible Fellowship Church (see


The Process

Please look over this job description and the church website. Along with your resume please answer these questions:


Why do you believe that you might be a good fit for VBFC?


Describe your experiences in ministry and how you may be qualified to serve as the Pastor at VBFC?


In just a few sentences please give a summary of your theology and how that is in line with the doctrine of VBFC? Please see


Please send your resume, the answers to these questions and a link to at least one online sermon to

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