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Pod Educator for a Grassroots Christian Academy

Mountain House Academy Ministry
Posted: 08/04/2022
Salary/Range: $40,000 - $50,000 DOE and Enrollment
Dillon, Colorado

Who we are
Mountain House Ministries (MHM) is a Christian private membership association that offers a vast range of services, including faith based education, TREK Adventure Club, and an educational Lifestyles series for our members. We are not open to the public, and only serve those that have joined our ministry. We are a community of families seeking to give their children an extraordinary education and solid foundation for a fruitful and faithful life. MHM is rooted in fostering a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding through purposeful and passionate service to God and mankind. We believe passion, critical thinking and inspiration coupled with knowing God will produce the next generation of productive community members.

About the Role
As a Pod Educator at MHM, you will be responsible for leading a group of between 10-14 children, ranging in age between 4-12 years old, in all subjects rooted from a Christian Worldview. As a pod educator, you will be responsible for curriculum development, lesson planning and collaborating with other pod educators to create a fun and engaging daily routine to build our children’s passion for learning.


  • Serve the association for the number of days in the official program calendar
  • Perform duties as assigned by the administrator, work cooperatively with the Administrator and other association contractors/members
  • Devote reasonable out-of-learning time to curriculum development, lesson planning and collaboration with the association’s other Contractors
  • Sponsoring and attending association activities, fundraisers, QUEST days, Supper Club and other events hosted by the association
  • To know and Love God. Exuding and modeling Christ-like behavior is of the utmost importance and is interwoven in all of our daily instruction
  • Be dependable and a team player. Pillars of teamwork, dependability and timeliness will allow us to accomplish our goals
  • Providing guidance, motivation, and support to all learners at their individual learning level
  • Bring a fun and excited outlook to our learning environment. Positivity can go a long way in making the day a good one!
  • Be flexible. You never know when things are going to go unplanned. It is essential that you’re able to go with the flow and improvise
  • Memorizing all emergency procedures and enforcing ministry rules
  • Maintaining proper safety and first aid training
  • Provide a safe, patient, and compassionate environment for all learning members to feel supported, safe and comfortable
  • Provide daily instruction and progress monitoring. Managing both on-campus educational lessons as well as QUEST day educational lessons
  • Preparing and notifying members of their children’s development in scheduled trimester conferences
  • Management of your designated learning pod, as well as any joint learning lessons you are designed to provide the instruction
  • Communication with member parents, providing updates where required and answering questions about our learning environment and their learner’s progress and learning within our instruction
  • Communicating with administrator/administration with any updates, information, or occurrences daily
  • Attend on a regular basis our designated Chapel Services hosted at our space
  • Participate in a Recess Shift rotation with other contractors at the Association
  • Ensure your space is locked, lights off and applicable doors locked before departing each day
  • Cleaning, maintaining, and ensuring proper use of program facilities and equipment, including participating in a towel washing rotation with other contractors at the Association on a regular basis

Desired Experience and Qualifications:

  • Experience working with children in group settings, managing and leading a learning environment, and creating lesson plans
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred, but not required.
  • High level of responsibility and accountability
  • CPR qualified and First Aid training
  • A passion for education and early child development
  • Leadership skills to guide and motivate participants throughout the program
  • Excellent communication skills to convey information to administration, parents, and learners
  • Interpersonal skills to build positive relationships with other contractors and learners under their care
  • Ability to evaluate and work effectively with any emotional and behavioral problems
  • Have patience and understanding with children
  • Christian worldview

Why join us
At Mountain House Academy, nothing is more important than inspiring our future generation to explore learning through fun adventuring and education. We’re a small grassroots organization focused on a Christian worldview education and giving families an opportunity to put their children into something unique, and equally education and adventure based. We are a tight knit group of educators and members that truly values one another, and we want to build a community for which we can all thrive within.

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