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Prayer & Care Correspondent

OMF (U.S.)
Posted: 02/27/2023
Salary/Range: Volunteer
Anywhere in the U.S.

The Prayer and Care Correspondent volunteer is an individual who has a heart for caring for missionaries and for prayer. The role of the Prayer and Care Correspondent is to strengthen communication with OMF (U.S.) members on the mission field and encourage them by reading their prayer letters, praying in response and following up with these individuals through e-mail.

Major Responsibilities

Engage with Workers’ Prayer Letters:

  • Prayerfully read prayer letters from our OMF members. Regularly pray for them.
  • Reply to prayer letters with brief e-mails of encouragement and inform them that they are being prayed for regularly.

Keep Correspondence Care Coordinator Informed:

  • Inform the Correspondence Care Coordinator of special prayer needs. Examples include a worker’s upcoming travel, changes in health, discouragement, family or schooling issues, and/or other areas of concern that the Correspondence Care Team can pray for and perhaps offer extra encouragement. Items for praise should be noted as well.
  • Inform the Correspondence Care Coordinator of inspiring and informative stories for use in communications.
  • CC the Correspondence Care Coordinator on all email correspondence with members/associates in order for coordinator to track correspondence.
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