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Preschool Versatile Teacher

Arma Dei Academy Preschool
Posted: 11/03/2022
Salary/Range: $19/hr
9770 Foothills Canyon Blvd Highlands Ranch CO 80129

Preschool Teacher Functions

  • Integrates biblical truth across all subjects and disciplines
  • Demonstrates consistent application and implementation of classical pedagogy within the classroom, including poetry, chants, jingles, and song
  • Collaborates through monthly meetings and seeks assistance and direction from Preschool Director as needed
  • Understands preschool course scope and sequence and materials, including curricular pacing and implementation 
  • Establishes and maintains a well-organized classical classroom that follows provided guidelines  
  • Collaborates with colleagues ensuring alignment and consistency in pacing, behavior systems, projects, and special events within the preschool
  • Informs and educates parents in the classical Christian education model as opportunities arise
  • Cultivates relationships with students, models and assists students through the peacemaking process as needed
  • Trains students in character, manners and respect, organization, and management, and care of property
  • Establishes manageable class routines to accomplish basic tasks, such as taking attendance, daily cleaning schedules, materials storage, and distribution, etc. 
  • Fully embraces, trains, implements, and enforces the published behavioral expectations inside and outside of the classroom at all times
  • Collaborates with Preschool Director when handling student struggles and concerns regarding discipline 
  • Consults with Preschool Director regarding struggling students; brainstorms possible classroom interventions, implements recommended next steps for progress  
  • Works with Preschool Director to ensure proper documentation of student and parent concerns
  • Guides and effectively utilizes Versatile Teacher and/or Teacher Assistant in order to enhance instruction 
  • Employs a variety of techniques to measure a student’s progress
  • Follows all published academy policies found in the Employee Handbook and Parent/Student Handbook


Additional Duties

  • Contributes to all-school events such as Open House, Possible Art night, and Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Works closely with Preschool Director on a professional development plan



    • Must be preschool teacher qualified according to the State of Colorado
    • Spiritually vibrant Christian displaying Christ-centered servant leadership that integrates faith and work in a spirit of humility
  • Expertise and experience in  preschool preferred
  • Demonstrates self-awareness, thirst for learning, and openness for professional growth
  • Loves the subject matter, students, and the toil of the day
  • Demonstrates excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Contributes to a culture of respect and collaboration among colleagues
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