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Worship Ministry

Production Assistant

The Table Church
Posted: 03/18/2022
Washington, District Of Columbia



– Part-time; non-exempt; 8-hours per week

– $25-30 per hour, based on skills and experience

– On-site at Table Church worship services for 4-6 hours on Sunday; remote 2-4 hours the rest of the week

– Reports To: Lead Pastor




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Job Description


The Table Church, DC, is hiring a part-time Production Assistant to oversee audio and visual production at our worship services to create hospitable, creative, and highly excellent in-person and virtual environments. Each Sunday, in coordination with a volunteer production team, the Production Assistant will ensure our technology and equipment are set up and put away each week and are working effectively throughout our services. The following week, the Production Assistant will do any necessary post-production to make our sermons and worship services available online.


This position will require regular in-person attendance at Table Church worship services each Sunday.


A computer, software, and other required working-from-home tools will be made available.


Required Qualities


– Self-motivated, able to work without continual oversight or management

– Ability to handle stressful, time-sensitive live situations while working with musicians and volunteer requests in a calm and efficient manner

– Must be able to work on a team, train volunteers, and bring others along on a team

– Ability to problem-solve, foresee problems, and suggest solutions

– An innate ability to “figure things out.”

– A naturally curious person who can receive input as well be self-taught

– Agrees with the mission and values of The Table Church


Required Competencies


– Experience mixing live bands

– Knowledge in audio production and engineering; knows how to use a Compressor, Gate, and Limiter

– Experience with Aviom-style in-ear monitors (IEMs), DMX protocols

– Knowledge of wireless frequencies, ability to troubleshoot technical issues, and assist with running of cables, rigging audio systems, front-of-house monitor control, backlines, and stagelines

– Knowledge of audio consoles, audio interfaces for live events and live streaming

– Knowledge of pre- and post-production audio editing tools (Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic)

– Experience creating separate mixes for a live room and a Livestream


Preferred Competencies


– Experience with video production livestreaming 

– Experience with video production hardware (hardware and software video switchers and encoders)

– Experience with multitrack recording

– Experience with clicktracks and live multitrack production (tools such as, Praisecharts, and Loop Community)


Sample Workweek


The Table Church currently leases two spaces with varying levels of availability. Our church is looking for a single, permanent location with a more predictable schedule. The schedule below assumes a morning worship service. However a Sunday evening service is a possible outcome.

Sunday (5 hours)

– 7:00-8:30 am — Arrive at GALA Theatre, pull production gear from storage closet, setup all audio and video gear (with help of Production Volunteer Team)

– 8:30-9:30 am — Run rehearsal with worship team

– 10:00-11:15 am — Produce Worship Service

– 11:15-12:00 pm — Tear down and put away all gear

Monday (3 hours)

– Split Service Files into Sermon Video and Audio; upload to online hosts

– Schedule Production Volunteers

– Prepare livestream and podcast backend for following week’s service


About The Table Church


The Table Church is unique:

– We believe that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection reveal what God is truly like.

– We believe that Scripture, interpreted through the person of Jesus, is authoritative for our lives.

– We believe that following the way of Jesus is worth inviting others to give their lives to.

– It’s because of those beliefs that we work to be a place of radical welcome and inclusion. A more beautiful understanding of the Gospel should be explicitly anti-racist; should support leadership by all genders; should affirm LGBTQ+ people; and should work to do God’s will “on earth as it is on heaven.”


What Style Is the Music? We currently pull mostly from Christian Top 40 Worship Charts (Hillsong, Elevation, Passion). The band is made up of synth-keys, bass and acoustic guitar, drums, 1-2 vocalists, and multitracks. We’d like to expand the spectrum of worship styles we offer, including gospel, hymns, and liturgy.


What Size is the Church? Depends on how you measure! Around 400 or more people call The Table Church their primary spiritual community and regularly give, serve, or attend one of our groups and classes. Sunday service attendance is around 100-200 hundred each weekend.


What Sorts of People Attend The Table? There are all sorts of folx at The Table that span age, stage, race, sexuality, and faith journey. The middle of the bell-curve is a lot of 20- & 30-somethings who are rebuilding their faith.


Are You Part of A Denomination? We are non-denominational, and leaders and congregation members come from various faith traditions, including Jewish and Muslim. However, our theology has been shaped more by Wesleyan-Arminian, Anabaptist, and Orthodox Traditions (think the Methodist, Nazarene, Mennonite, and Anglican denominations) and less by Augustinian, Reformed, and Calvinist traditions (think Southern Baptist, Christian Reformed, or Presbyterian denominations).


Non-Discrimination Statement


The Table Church believes that no aspect of someone’s identity should limit their ability to participate in the life of the Church entirely. Therefore: Membership, Employment, Eligibility for Eldership and Officership, other Church Leadership Roles, and Religious Rites (such as marriage, baptism, communion, and funerals) must not be denied based on one’s identity, including race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, veteran status, or genetic information.


All Elders, Pastors, and Employees must agree to adhere to our non-discriminatory values. Refusal to adhere may lead to discipline—up to termination of Employment, Eldership, or Officership.



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