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Counseling - Licensure required

Program Director

Dream Centers
Posted: 12/06/2022
Salary/Range: 65-75K
Colorado Springs

Position Title: Mary’s Home Program Director

Accountable To: Dream Centers Director of Operations

Schedule: Full-time.  Salary.  Benefits


Dream Centers is a faith-based non-profit organization founded in 2011 to provide health and hope to people of Colorado Springs who are working to rebuild their dreams. Mary’s Home, a project of Dream Centers, opened in 2015.  Mary’s Home is a faith-based supportive housing program that provides single mother families with the opportunity to gain holistic health and sufficient career resources to live a stable and successful life.

JOB SUMMARY          

As the leader of Mary’s Home, the Program Director is responsible for development of staff; maintenance and development of the program; strategic growth and development; development of community partnerships and resources; and program management. The Program Director oversees resident admissions, progression, and care; volunteer processes and care; process and procedure maintenance; outcome reporting and planning; and stewardship of the campus.


The Program Director reports directly to the Dream Centers Director of Operations, oversees all Mary’s Home staff, and works in close collaboration with the Dream Centers Executive team, Advancement team, volunteers, donors, service providers, and community partners.


  • Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence, evaluation, development, and implementation consistent with Dream Centers and Mary’s Home values.
  • Provide supervisory oversight, coaching, and professional development of staff, helping staff excell in individual roles, developing team unity, and leading collaboratively to maintain the health and wellbeing of the staff, community, and families of Mary’s Home.
  • Provide experienced relational and situational leadership (think 1-Minute Manager) and develop staff for increasing autonomy and empowerment.
  • Identify hiring needs, design job descriptions, source candidates, conduct interviews, and work with the HR team to bring on team members.
  • Develop and nurture community partnerships and resources in order strengthen the Mary’s Home program, increase community impact, and strategically plan for growth.   
  • Develop the necessary services within Mary’s Home and in collaboration with community partners to fulfill the needs of the families and to support their long-term success.
  • Research best practices, evidence-based processes, and cutting-edge approaches through various venues to enhance strategic program development and implementation.
  • Collaborate closely with Associate Program Director to oversee outcomes and report quarterly to all stakeholders.  Oversee effective systems are established and maintained to track program components, progress and successes are reported quarterly.
  • Collaborate with Dream Centers Program team for strategic development, growth and planning for Mary’s Home and Dream Centers as a whole.
  • Can just as easily and compassionately engage with clients as with staff.
  • Collaborate with the Advancement team for donor engagement, events, community outreach and other areas as needed.  Collaborate with grant writers and Program team to ensure proper use and reporting of grant funds. Engage with donors and community partners regularly in meetings and tours.
  • Manage program budget to steward funds well, analyze program needs, and plan appropriately for growth and expansion.  Manage grant funds spending and reporting.
  • Help staff build processes, growth mindset, and margin into daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms.
  • Meet regularly with the CEO and DO for professional development, coaching, planning and to address any complex issues as needed.


  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Experienced critical thinking skills
  • Makes difficult decisions easily with confidence
  • Master’s degree in a counseling profession
  • Experienced in self-regulation, and helping staff and residents both deescalate situations while maintaining calm and regulated presence
  • Five years plus experience in management residential care, and supervising staff
  • Certifications / Licensing: Obtain certifications in trauma and resilience-informed care
  • Other Required Skills: Proficient in office management software, management reporting tools


  • Work hours include some evenings and occasional weekends and support for on-call staff
  • Travel requirements include ability to travel occasionally
  • Work environment is residential community setting, standard office and occasional home office
  • Physical demands include some lifting or exertion


  • Salary Range $65k to $75k. Full-time. Benefits.

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