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His Faithful Stewards
Posted: 05/11/2023
Salary/Range: $35,000+ Commission
Nationwide from Johnstown, CO

I am a Denver Seminar graduate working in the financial industry with some specialty financial products and trusts. My company is His Faithful Stewards and our goal is to bring the tools of the wealthy to believers wishing to implement better stewardship. These tools can eliminate passive income taxes completely, reduce self-employment taxes by over 90% and show people how to leverage their money to work in more than one place at a time. We have learned what the wealthy do to make better use of their money, but do not require people to be wealthy to become our clients.

I am a regular guest on a Christian radio program on American Family Radio that broadcasts to around 190 stations nationwide. I speak on various topics around finances and stewardship. Due to the radio exposure, I have gotten requests for offering church financial seminars. I am seeking someone who would like to be a part of doing church seminars and handling the business that comes from those seminars. They are in the development stages and the hope is to start promoting them on the radio sometime this summer. I anticipate that seminars would begin in the Fall.

Our seminars will vary a great bit from the most common seminars that churches are utilizing. We will begin by looking at a Christian’s relationship to money from a biblical perspective and we will be strongly based in concepts of stewardship. It is from these seminars that we find people who can be helped with our specialty financial services.

Currently, my company offers several lines of business: Trusts, Annuities, Infinite Banking Policies, Other Insurance products, and precious metals. We only offer no-risk strategies, ie.. we do not do anything that involves risk in the stock market or exposure to loss.

I am seeking someone who shares the biblical base of the company to become a partner in the seminar endeavor. I’m very big on working as a team. The position will require a person to have or obtain a life insurance license with annuity certification. I prefer someone with a license and experience, but will train the right person.  It will require willingness to travel for 2-3 days approximately 1 time per month. Commissions from the event will be split. If you have experience with Medicare/healthcare and a desire to sell that line, as well, that can be discussed.

This will provide strong income with part-time work. If this sounds like you and you are looking for something for the long-haul, please contact me! This is not a short-term gig. We are building a client base that will continue to bring referrals for years to come.

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