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First Central Bible Church
Posted: 09/19/2022
Chicopee, MA

Pastor Mark is planning to retire in September 2025. FCBC is searching for a man who will serve as Senior Assistant Pastor for a period of time and then step into the role of Senior Pastor in Fall 2025. If you are interested in applying, send your resume to


To serve the local church by coordinating, implementing, and actively participating in the
programs and ministries of the church with the purpose of eventually transitioning to the role of Senior Pastor. Will work under the direction, guidance, and mentorship of the current Senior
Pastor during this transition period to develop and improve ministry skills needed as a Senior

Assist the Senior Pastor in all areas of responsibility (see job description of Senior Pastor
attached) to facilitate the vision, plans and programs of the church currently in place. Will assist in development of new programs and ministries in keeping with the church’s vision and goals.

Will assist the Senior Pastor with preaching and teaching responsibilities as assigned.

Will provide leadership to professional and support staff as needed and as assigned by Senior
Pastor and Council of Elders.

Will build relationships within the church family and community
through active participation in areas of ministry.

-The Assistant Senior Pastor will work with the Senior Pastor, Council of Elders, and
ministry leaders to become familiar with all aspects of church life and church
ministries which may include the following:

A. Children’s Ministry
-Assist ministry leaders with coordination of Sunday AM program
-Assist with the Wednesday children’s ministry program
-Ability to teach lessons as needed
-Assist with recruiting and training of children’s ministry leaders, teachers, and volunteers

– Assist with the shepherding and encouragement of children, families, teachers and leaders

B. Youth Ministry
– Assist ministry leaders with the Sunday AM youth bible study. May include teaching responsibilities as needed
– Assist with weekday evening youth group bible study and activities. May include teaching responsibilities as needed
– Assist with recruiting and training of youth group leaders, teachers, and volunteers
– Assist with the shepherding of youth and their families. Be a resource and encouragement to ministry leaders, teachers, and volunteers.

C. Adult Ministries
– Provide oversight and direction to Sunday School/Adult Bible Study and Small Group ministries
– Ability to recruit, train and equip leaders and teachers for their responsibilities in
Small Groups and Adult Bible Study

– Ability to lead and teach adult groups

D. Administration
– Assist with oversight and leadership of paid church staff and volunteers
– Develops quality relationships with staff; helps resolve any conflicts
– Participates in staff hiring as needed
– May assist in developing church policies, writing job descriptions, and performing yearly staff evaluations
– Assists in the evaluation of current staff and ministry needs. Evaluates ministry effectiveness
– Works with Council of Elders to facilitate directives related to church business, ministries, activities, schedules; Provides effective communication of the church’s purpose and mission to the congregation
– Will become familiar with church finances and annual budget process; provides budget input as requested
– Assists with miscellaneous administrative tasks related to the operation of the church as needed

E. Miscellaneous Pastoral Responsibilities
– Preaching and teaching as needed
– Pastoral care/counseling to individuals, couples, families; may include premarital counseling
– Participation in visitation of the sick, widows, and elderly
– May conduct weddings, funerals, and baptisms; preparation and support for each event
– Plan, coordinate, direct, and encourage outreach opportunities for youth and adults; provide training and equipping to share the gospel
– Assist with the welcoming and assimilation of newcomers/new members
– Assist with planning of worship services and service formats;
May participate in worship as gifted (ie; music,voice)


A. Accountability
– The Assistant Senior Pastor shall be accountable to the Senior Pastor and the Council of Elders. This accountability is maintained through regular personal consultations with the Senior Pastor, through staff meetings,and regular meetings with the Elder Council.

B. Board Relationships
– The Assistant Senior Pastor, by virtue of office, will be a voting member of the Council of Elders.

C. Staff Relationships
– The Assistant Senior Pastor shall assist with the oversight of support staff, and shall oversee and coordinate work of ministry leaders and volunteers; may represent the Senior Pastor if so designated.

D. Qualifications
– Meet the qualifications of an elder as outlined in Scripture (I Timothy 3, Titus 1)
– Be an ordained minister of the Gospel (or actively involved in an ordination process)
– Be gifted as a Pastor-Teacher (Ephesians 4: 11-16)
– Demonstrate maturity in leadership and decision-making
– Be a team-builder/team player; Ability to edify, encourage, support
– Have experience in, and zeal for, the work of pastoral ministry
– Have a teachable spirit, an open mind, and servant’s heart
– Demonstrate a commitment to, and agree with, the purpose statement and statement of faith of First Central Bible Church

Job Title: Senior Pastor (Mark Wheeler) Job discription

To serve the church by providing spiritual teaching, leadership and vision, training and equipping, ensuring the health and stability of the congregation through organizational direction and administrative oversight, and seeing that the needs of the congregation are met through the various ministries of the church.

Primary Responsibilities

A. Sunday Morning Preaching
• Encourage and nurture the spiritual development and beliefs of the congregation by presenting a well prepared, biblical, expositional sermon each Sunday morning.
• Work with the Worship Leader to lead the congregation in Worship each Sunday.
• Responsible for quality pulpit supply when the Senior Pastor is unavailable to preach.

B. Vision Casting
• Responsible to develop and communicate the vision and mission of the church.
• Evaluate all the ministries of the church so that each one fits into and helps accomplish the vision and mission of the church.

C. Training & Equipping
• Responsible to train and equip others for service.
• Ensure that people identify their spiritual gifts and passion and find a place of ministry where
they can be used to help further the Kingdom of God.

D. Church Elder
• As one of a plurality of elders, the Senior Pastor is to help guide the church through the  any
important and often difficult decisions she must make.
• The Senior Pastor should be an example to the other elders in family, faith and conduct.
• Clearly communicate the church’s mission and vision to the Elders, primarily through the Elders meetings and retreats.

Secondary Responsibilities

A. Staff Team Leader
• He will facilitate solid staff relations by:
– Working to resolve conflict.
– Evaluating, formally and informally, the effectiveness of the pastoral staff—including
annual performance evaluations and reviewing the call and compensation of professional
staff members.
• Attend staff meetings and retreats, and contribute to prayer, study and administration of the
church’s staff.
• Inspire the creativity of the staff to develop a well rounded ministry for spiritual growth,
fellowship, evangelism, worship, and mission.

B. Pastoral Care/Counseling
• The Senior Pastor is responsible for the spiritual health and discipline of the membership of
First Central Bible Church.
• The Senior Pastor is responsible for the biblical counseling given by First Central Bible
Church. He will refer to appropriate pastoral staff, elders and qualified laymen in support of
this ministry.
• He will monitor visitation of the sick, widows and the elderly.

C. General Duties
• The Senior Pastor is responsible to maintain high standards for the performance of Christian
weddings and funerals conducted at First Central Bible Church or by First Central Bible
Church Associate pastors.
• The Senior Pastor will encourage those who profess Christ as Savior to follow the Lord’s
command in water baptism.
• The Senior Pastor will maintain the regular practice of communion for First Central Bible
• The Senior Pastor will provide opportunity for families to publicly dedicate their children to
the Lord.

Organizational Relationships

 Accountability
He shall be accountable to the Council of Elders, through the vice-chairman. This
accountability is maintained through regular reports and consultation.

 Board Relationships
• He is a member of the Council of Elders, with one vote. He shall serve as the chairman of
the Elders.
• He shall be an ex-officio member of all other boards and committees of the church.

 Staff Relationships
He shall serve as the supervisor of the pastoral staff and church administrator, who in turn
oversees the support staff.

 Qualifications
• The Senior Pastor must meet the qualifications of an elder as outlined in Scripture
(1 Timothy 3, Titus 1).
• He must be gifted as a Pastor-Teacher (Ephesians 4:11-16).
• He shall be ordained as a minister of the Gospel.
• He shall have demonstrated maturity in leadership and decision-making.
• He shall agree with the doctrinal statement of First Central Bible Church.

Policy Maintenance
The Vice Chairman of the Council of Elders has the responsibility for the initiation and update of this job description; and with the approval of the Elder Council the Vice Chairman has the
responsibility for its implementation.

The Senior Pastor will have done his job if:
1. The Scriptures are taught in a manner which is biblical and relevant to life.
2. People are being motivated to obedience and life change through the power of the Holy
3. People understand the vision and mission of the church and are committed to living it out in
daily life.
4. Opportunities are provided for creative, inspiring worship where people encounter the
awesome God.
5. Opportunities are provided for vital, supportive, biblical fellowship where relationships are
built in an atmosphere of warmth and caring.
6. Opportunities are provided for the training, equipping, and further development of current
staff, elders, and emerging leaders.
7. The regular pastoral staff meeting will be balanced between personal development and
ministry “business.” The staff will be confident that their views will be heard by all. Staff
will be aware of one another’s ministry and “team” communication will be strong.
8. Formal evaluation of pastoral and support staff will be completed annually, and be marked
by dignity and excellence no matter who conducts the review of each member of the ministry
9. The First Central Bible Church staff will express a sense of “team,” and enjoy working with
one another for Christ’s sake.
10. Opportunities are provided for outreach into the local culture in service and evangelism.
11. He has regular contact with the leaders of the various ministries of the church.
12. He is using all of his spiritual gifts.

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