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Senior/Lead Pastors

Senior Pastor

Woodcreek Church
Posted: 08/01/2022
Salary/Range: $90,000-$150,000
Richardson, Texas

Job Summary

The Senior Pastor is responsible for the overall ministry of the church providing visionary and pastoral leadership to the Elders, Staff and Congregation.


Job Responsibilities as follows:

Visionary Leader

  • Lead elders and staff in establishing, communicating, and accomplishing the church’s vision and direction.
  • Provide leadership, interaction and encouragement for elders
  • Identify and develop new leadership for the elder team
  • Build the staff team at Woodcreek Church
  • Provide overall staff development, oversight and support
  • Be involved in Woodcreek missions (overseas ministry opportunities and visiting missionaries)


  • Preach/teach, expositor of scripture
  • Establish sermon calendar and topics
  • Develop and lead the preaching team

Pastoral Care

  • Provide oversight for the pastoral care of the church including weddings, funerals and hospital visitations.
  • Provide oversight of and coordination with our Life Care Ministry Director.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Provide oversight for the Pastoral Staff
  • Meet regularly with direct reports to provide oversight, support and coordination of the ministry.
  • Help set elder meeting agenda (along with chairman) and attend all elder meetings.
  • Implement Elder direction and decisions
  • Lead Pastor’s Lead Team meetings


Job Profile as follows:

Qualities of the Ideal Sr Pastor

  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Strong walk with the Lord
  • Wise & Discerning
  • Humble
  • Teachable
  • Servant leader
  • Decisive
  • Kind & Caring with a Pastor’s heart for people
  • Good communicator
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent expositor of the Word
  • One who has a heart for discipleship
  • Genuine love for staff, elders, congregation
  • A genuine love for the lost
  • Visionary leader who is able to encourage the staff and body to follow
  • Passionate towards seeing the collective body of Christ achieve our mission and core values
  • Able and willing to lead from the front and back
  • Able to manage the church’s resources well for staffing, facilities, and finances
  • Able to achieve a healthy balance between church/pastoring, family, and self
  • Able to emotionally handle difficult member issues (church discipline, other) with care and grace but, when necessary, firmly but biblically.
To Apply: Paul Day,