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Senior Pastor

Silver Hills Community Church
Posted: 12/30/2021
Carson City, Nevada

Silver Hills Community Church


Overseer: One who, with the elders, oversees or guides ministries. He is the general contractor of many workers, building up and encouraging the body of Christ to be a light pointing to the Risen Lord Jesus and God’s amazing Love for His chosen people.

1.    Expository Preaching:

a)   Conforming to the mind of God, not man’s

b)   Committed to sound doctrine and biblical understanding of the gospel

c)    Biblical understanding of conversion and evangelism

d)   Biblical understanding of church membership

2.    Leading and/or overseeing small group Bible studies

3.    Overseer of the Sunday worship service

4.    Head Elder of the elder board

5.    Biblical understanding and practice of conflict resolution and church discipline

6.    Concerned with the spiritual well-being of church members

7.    Heart for Missions:

a)   Overseer of missions and outreaches

b)   Encourage a heart for missions within the church

8.    One-on-one counseling with faith-based counseling

9.    Overseer of visitation of visitors, the hospitalized, shut-ins, those grieving a loss, etc.

10. Overseer of the budget

11. Overseer of maintenance and improvements to our building and property

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