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Senior Pastor

Boothbay Baptist Church
Posted: 01/10/2022
Boothbay, Maine

As described in our constitution:

The Pastor

1) The Pastor shall be a full and equal member of the board of elders with the same biblical requirements for character, spiritual life, and doctrinal faithfulness.

2) The Pastor is the primary teaching elder of the church and will regularly preach and teach the Scriptures, and with the assistance of the Board of Elders direct the church’s life and ministry.

3) The Pastor shall be called for an indefinite period. He shall be called by a three-fourths majority of the active church members present and voting at a special business meeting called for this purpose. He and his wife will be received as voting members of the church.

4) Other pastoral staff may be called by the recommendation of the Board of Elders and a three fourths majority of those present and voting at a special business meeting of the congregation. They shall be under the direction of the board of Elders and the Senior Pastor.

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