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Senior Pastor

Fellowship Missionary Church
Posted: 01/25/2022
Salary/Range: TBD
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Meet Fellowship Missionary Church:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Fellowship Missionary Church! In a day and age where the organized church is seeing a decline in attendance, relevance, and influence, it says a lot that you would pursue officially joining this community of believers. Becoming a member of a local church means saying “I’m in!”

  • I see your vision – where you are going and what you’re about – and  I’m in!
  • I have gifts, talents, passion, and treasure that I want to use for the glory of God and the work of His church – so I’m in!
  • I’m ready for a deeper level of commitment to the Kingdom – I’m in!
  • Being a member of Fellowship Missionary Church means saying:  I’m in for the hard work of building a multi-cultural community of believers who are committed to loving one another as Christ has loved us.
  • I’m in for creating a movement of disciples that are committed to fulfilling Jesus’ command to make disciples who make disciples.
  • I’m in for living Jesus everywhere!

Fellowship Missionary Church began in 1982 with 50 pioneers, none of whom was older than 40, but all of whom were committed to bringing the light of the gospel to southeast Fort Wayne. Planted by First Missionary Church, and under the leadership of founding pastor Dave DeSelm, this dedicated, inexperienced bunch of dreamers stepped out in faith and God blessed.

Today, we are a family of men and women, families and singles, young and old, longtime followers of Jesus, and people who are still exploring this thing called faith. With roots firmly planted on Tillman Road, we are more committed than ever to living Jesus everywhere.

If you had been present in those early days of Fellowship, you would have seen a very different church than you see today.  We have changed dramatically through the years!

About the Senior Pastor:

The role of the Senior Pastor (SP) is to oversee the spiritual health, development, and direction of Fellowship Missionary Church with the advisory oversight of the Elder Team, as stipulated in the Fellowship Missionary Church (FMC) Bylaws. This will require a firm grasp of the beliefs and values of FMC, and the ability to align staff and key leadership teams with its mission. He will provide pastoral leadership to the congregation with elder team oversight. The SP will ensure that the systems, practices, and policies of the church responsibly and effectively support its ministry vision faithfully to Jesus.

Fellowship Missionary Church is a 40-year-old church in the Missionary Church USA denomination. It is located on the Southeast side of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fellowship has a history and reputation of being a diverse community of believers who are committed to loving God and our neighbors from a heart of gratitude toward God. Fellowship has a history of strong financial stewardship and living life on mission. FMC is seeking its next Senior Pastor to lead the church with conviction, vision, and humility into its next era of worship, disciple-making, and living Jesus everywhere.


The Senior Pastor Responsibilities Include:

Oversee the Spiritual Health of the Church 

Responsible for establishing and overseeing the discipleship strategy and its progress for the church. This discipleship strategy will include engaging people in corporate worship, encouraging them to grow spiritually (individually and in the Christian community), connecting them in serving opportunities, and challenging them to fulfill their God-given mission to make disciples. These objectives are accomplished by:

  • Leading with the Community Life Pastor in defining a clear discipleship path so each person can self-identify their next steps toward Christ.
  • Modeling discipleship with staff at all times, exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit.
  • Leading a teaching team in providing Biblical teaching and casting a vision that challenges people to pursue spiritual growth. The Senior Pastor will teach on Sundays 50-75% of the time and will also utilize, or develop and mentor, other gifted teachers from inside and outside the FMC community for the teaching team.
  • Equipping and empowering staff and non-staff leaders to lead and implement the discipleship strategy across all ministries.
  • Measuring and monitoring the spiritual health of the church in conjunction with the Executive Pastor (XP) and, when necessary, holding staff and non-staff leaders accountable for the progress in their ministry areas.
  • Leading the staff as a cohesive ministry team, ensuring that the organizational values align.

Modeling Biblical Priorities 

Responsible for upholding Biblical priorities and core values of FMC in conjunction with the Executive Pastor (XP). The SP should represent a growing personal relationship with Christ. The SP models a strong and healthy relationship with his spouse (if married) and children (if applicable). He strives to fulfill his purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity and transparency in words, relationships, and actions. These objectives are accomplished by:

  • Committing to a consistent devotional/prayer time with God.
  • Participating in the FMC community in specific yet appropriate ways.
  • Setting appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity.
  • Developing personal evangelism and discipleship opportunities within and outside the church.
  • Supporting the ministries of FMC by faithfully giving of personal resources and modeling good stewardship, both personally and corporately.
  • Continually modeling the Biblical expectations of an elder/overseer of the Church of Jesus in Titus 1:6-9, 1 Tim. 3:1-10, et al., and as outlined in the FMC Bylaws.

Strategic Leadership and Planning 

Responsible for further developing, clarifying, and championing FMC’s mission, vision, and values. The SP in conjunction with the XP will oversee strategic planning and staff coordination of the church’s mission, vision, and values. The SP will work with the XP to establish goals and measurable action plans through a church-wide project management platform. He will provide the catalyzing challenges and activities which allow FMC to remain true to its mission and vision. This leadership and input will be provided through many activities including:

  • With the Executive Pastor, coordinating and leading staff meetings and engaging in other activities designed to clarify and execute FMC’s goals and objectives. Facilitating regular and efficient meetings with the staff leadership team.
  • Serving on the Elder Team as a voting member.
  • Providing leadership in vision casting and goal setting in conjunction with the XP and with staff input in mind.
  • Monitoring the pulse of the ministry through research, evaluation, and discernment.
  • Partnering with staff and non-staff leaders to ensure staffing, facilities, and programs are appropriately and effectively aligned to best meet strategic goals.
  • Utilizing outside consultants and/or other experts in various seasons to challenge insular thinking and ineffective systems, and to spur the organization toward renewed energy and vision.
  • Coordinating with the XP and Elder Team, overseeing budgets, and providing oversight, direction, and implementation in a large variety of financial functions.

Oversight of FMC Worship Gatherings 

Responsible for ensuring that all worship gatherings are executed with excellence. The SP displays excellent and effective communication skills, the ability to make sound decisions, and relational strength that enhance each worship gathering, encouraging and enabling those present to encounter the one true God. These objectives are accomplished by:

  • Delivering Biblical, expository, and relevant messages that are Kingdom-minded.
  • Partnering with leadership teams, particularly the Worship and Communications pastors, to plan and execute worship gatherings and other creative elements to complement the teaching in each ministry environment.
  • Offering direction to the creative teams with planning, packaging, and promoting message series.
  • Creating a main Worship Gathering series plan 3-6 months in advance in conjunction with the Worship and Communications Pastors, that is thoughtful, robust, creative, and balanced in focus. Additionally, he will continually communicate this ongoing plan to the Elder Team and staff for feedback, input, and guidance.

Staff Supervision and Development 

Provides servant-leadership to the staff team. He will lead, evaluate, equip and mentor existing and new staff in their respective areas of ministry. This includes the following responsibilities:

  • Supervising the staff team as it relates to day-to-day ministry and operational activities, in conjunction with the Executive Pastor.
  • Championing discipleship, training, and leadership development at all staff levels.
  • Overseeing the hiring, performance, and dismissal process for all staff, in conjunction with the XP.
  • In conjunction with the XP, providing coaching to the staff in the design and implementation of all church ministries, including evaluating appropriate changes to the organizational structure under the oversight of the Elder Team.
  • Utilizing consultants and/or other outside experts and Human Resources tools in various seasons to help assess and evaluate organizational and staff health, fit, and effectiveness.
  • Implementing opportunities for continuing education/development for staff in their respective ministry areas and personal discipleship.

Reproducing the Church 

Recognizing that God is positioning FMC to impact people’s lives beyond Fort Wayne, the SP will actively pursue opportunities to expand ministries to reach more people for Jesus in alignment with the local mission as well as the MCUSA denomination. This is accomplished by:

  • Continuing to develop a growth strategy that leverages the synergy of existing resources and ministries and prepares for expansion in the future.
  • Partnering with other local and global organizations to equip and invest in ministry initiatives out of FMC and in the community.
  • Working with the appropriate staff and church body leaders to develop and identify resources that help staff and lay leaders increase the impact of their ministry.


What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • 7+ years minimum in Senior Leadership of a church, and/or ministry context.
  • Master’s degree or higher preferred in a Bible/Ministry Leadership, or related field.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Strong and demonstrated gifts of Teaching and Leadership (Romans 12:4-8).
  • Proven effective communication skills, including past history of delivering Biblical, expository, and relevant messages that are Kingdom-minded.
  • Effective interpersonal leadership and written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated strengths in organizational leadership, developing staff, and vision casting/implementation.
  • Proven ability to grow, lead, and galvanize a healthy working staff team environment.

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Proven competency to love and lead in a highly diverse urban church setting.
  • A lifestyle that is congruent with the biblical requirements for leaders in Titus 1:6-9, 1 Tim. 3:1-10, et al.
  • Must consent to and pass a thorough background check.
  • Committed to continued growth as a pastor and leader – professional development, education, training, etc.

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