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Senior Pastor

Faith Baptist Church
Posted: 01/30/2023
Alturas, CA

Faith Baptist Church of Alturas, California is seeking a full time senior pastor. We seek a pastor
with a heart for God and His people. He must be characterized by humility and wisdom, be
easily approachable, and compassionate.
We seek a pastor to be a servant leader, who does not love power, but who motivates and
encourages the people with passion guided by gentleness. The pastor of Faith Baptist Church
will be expected to lead by example, as he lives out his faith. We desire our pastor to give
vision for the church while working as part of a team of leaders.
The primary ministry focus should be to preach the word of God clearly and passionately, and
help apply it to the lives of the congregation, in order to equip the body for being salt and light in
our community and the world. Along with other Elders, the secondary ministry focus should be
to provide pastoral care for our body, and for the community.
We would prefer someone who is married, but do not require him to be married; whose wife is
fully supportive of his ministry. We prefer our senior pastor to be a man who has graduated
from seminary or Bible school, and has previous pastoral experience.
If interested, please contact Nancy at for information about
applying for our position.

To Apply: Nancy at