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Senior Pastor

Faith Evangelical Bible Church
Posted: 02/15/2022
Salary/Range: $60,000
Henderson, Nebraska

Faith Evangelical Church is looking for a man who embraces his calling to pastoral leadership as a servant /leader dedicated to serving Jesus Christ and our congregation, leading with both wisdom from the Holy Spirit and humility. We are looking for a Pastor who has a passion for the Word of God and assisting us, both as individuals and as a congregation to grow spiritually in a way that complements and supports our church’s vision and core values. 

 We are looking for a Pastor who is able to present both the milk and the meat of the Word of God in an organized, insightful, relevant, and challenging manner to inspire us to grow in Jesus Christ.  Sermon messages have been well received both in exposition and topical series, and the congregation enjoys both venues. 

 We are looking for a man who has been called by God to the office of pastor and who continues to seek God’s face every day for vision, guidance, wisdom, strength. He should have the courage to stand strong for the gospel of Jesus Christ and embrace and contribute to the vision of Faith Evangelical Bible Church. 


The Senior Pastor’s foremost responsibility is expressed in Acts 2:42 and II Timothy 4:2; being devoted to teaching, to fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer, preaching the Word, correcting, rebuking, and encouraging with great patience and careful instruction.

As the shepherd of our congregation, his ministry will include a focus on our core values: preaching and teaching the gospel truth, growing himself and the congregation in relationship with God and others, outreach in our community and global missions, and growing in our worship through daily living and corporate gatherings.  Specific responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Overseeing and providing leadership to the youth pastor and other leaders
  • Serving as an elder board member (The pastor is not over or under the elders.  He is with them.  He takes the ideas discussed at meetings and steers them into action.)
  • Working with the worship committee in planning services
  • Counseling (premarital, marriage, and general as needed within the church body)
  • Encouraging and preparing individuals toward baptism and church membership
  • Being informed and involved with the Henderson Ministerial Association
  • Being informed and involved with our Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches
  • Performing Weddings and Funerals upon request
  • Making hospital and personal visits as needed
  • Providing information to the office manager as needed for good communication to the congregation
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