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Senior/Lead Pastors

Senior Pastor

Riverside Evangelical Free Church
Posted: 02/17/2022
Salary/Range: Depends on experience
Mayville, ND

Job Description – Overview

Our pastor will shepherd the congregation in these three areas:

  1. Feeding
    a. Expository preaching of the Scriptures during Sunday Services
    b. Teach the Scriptures through mentoring, counseling, and other ministries in the church as time allows
    c. Maintain sound doctrine through personal study of the Scriptures
  2. Leading
    a. Prioritize prayer in the lives of church members individually and corporately
    b. Pursue the Church’s mission and cast its vision
    c. Develop and implement a strategy for evangelism and discipleship
    d. Oversee the church staff
    e. Provide guidance as needed to the Elders concerning church business and spiritual concerns within the church
  3. Caring
    a. Provide pastoral care for the congregation. Examples: conflict resolution, visiting the sick/shut-ins, counseling for the bereaved, visitor follow up. If he is not able to perform the visitations, he should delegate this to others
    b. Perform weddings, funerals, baptisms, baby dedications

Job Description – Details

  1. Counseling:  He should be available during the day; otherwise, for emergencies only. Amount of time spent counseling and manner of counseling should be at the discretion of the elders.
  2. Ministry Hours:  This will vary depending on experience and various busy times of the year. A 45-50 hour work week on average should be expected.
  3. Study Time:  He should be spending the necessary time seeking the Lord in prayer and studying Scripture and other materials in preparation for the primary roles of preaching and teaching the members. Amount of time spent will vary depending on experience and circumstances.
  4. Time Off:  He is encouraged to take time off during the week for personal rest and family. The church will strive to protect this time. 1 or 2 days off per week can be expected depending on circumstances. Paid vacation will be included with the compensation package.
  5. Continuing Education: He will be an active participant and supporter of the EFCA. Attendances at other conferences, retreats, seminars, and so on is also encouraged as time and finances permit. There is an annual budgeted amount for this covered by the church.
  6. Compensation and Benefits: This is a salaried position; pay and benefits will vary based on experience and financial need of the candidate.
To Apply: Interim Pastor Bruce Overstreet, email