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Senior Pastor

Valley Bible Fellowship
Posted: 01/04/2022
Salary/Range: $45,000 - $60,000
Westcliffe, CO

What We Are Looking For:

Valley Bible Fellowship is a body of believers coming from various denominational backgrounds, making our church distinctly non-denominational for the past 30 years. We are searching for a full-time pastor who will come alongside our diverse body. Our church body strongly values Bible-based teaching, so we seek a strong, experienced Bible teacher who will exposit the Gospel from the Old and New Testament, share with humility and vulnerability, be attentive to the Holy Spirit, and point to Christ above all. We are looking for a pastor to join the current Elder team as an Elder himself and give discipleship to the existing leaders, while also raising up future leaders. From this place of discipleship and intentionality, we want to see fellowship prioritized and strengthened in tandem with growing to be a more outreach-centered church. We expect the pastor to have a regular schedule operating around meeting/counseling members of the body as well as meeting with new members and those outside the church. Our expectation is that through the discipleship of leaders, responsibilities can be delegated in a way that shares the burden of caring for our congregation. Overall, we seek a pastor who will provide leadership that strengthens the body from within in deep fellowship, that we would grow in the maturity of Christ through understanding His Word to become more devoted disciples of Jesus and witnesses of His Gospel in our daily lives.

Job Description:

  • To Shepherd the flock of Valley Bible which includes the following: Preach/teach on a regular basis Preach on Sunday mornings in order to discover and teach the deep meanings of Scripture Sermons are expected to be Biblical, Christ-focused, Spirit-led, and delivered with humility and vulnerability, providing an invitation to pray at the altar in response when appropriate
  • Teach occasional adult classes outside of the Sunday service setting
  • Take time in prayer and in Scripture to keep your own spiritual condition healthy and growing in maturity. Encourage, equip, and lead the body
  • Meet and pray with members of our church body throughout the week, especially those in particular need physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually
  • Seek to build and equip mature, Spirit-led men through one-on-one meetings, and/or corporate discipleship classes
  • Recognize the giftings of individuals within the church and focus them to work together to fulfill God’s calling
  • Guide and officiate appropriate events such as communion, baptisms, weddings, and funerals
  • Provide counseling (premarital, marital, family, bereavement, etc)
  • Protect the flock from conflict, false doctrine, worldly influence, disunity and immorality. This may be accomplished by confrontation, Elder involvement, Biblical discipline, documented correspondence, counsel, or other means deemed necessary by the Eldership
  • Serve with the leadership
  • Serve as an Elder to determine, before God and with prayer, His purposes for our church and assist in leading the implementation of that vision
  • Attend regular Elder and combined meetings (with the Stewards) as scheduled
  • Disciple current and future leaders and delegate church responsibilities
  • Build relationships within the leadership to allow for accountability and pastoral care
  • Strengthen outreach Model an outward focus of discipling and drawing people to Christ
  • Empower the body to reach our community with the Gospel
  • Help facilitate events and/or delegate to other leaders and small groups
  • Establish and maintain a presence in our community
  • Strengthen fellowship
  • Give leadership to building small groups and fellowship opportunities
  • Be intentional with relationship-building opportunities
  • Provide guidance for the function of the church
  • Provide coordination for the order of the Sunday service and with those leading music
  • Keep in tune with the ministries of the church and those involved in them to help guide and direct as needed
  • Meet regularly with staff to provide accountability and to ensure curriculum and ministry functions align with the church’s mission and vision

*A job description for a pastor is a help and perhaps a safeguard and a need. It can provide structure, guidelines, and accountability. At the same time, there needs to be an awareness on the part of the leadership and the people that this is a man that can be trusted and one who is equipped by both love and skills to lead, guide, and protect the flock entrusted to him. A pastor is not THE Shepherd, the head of the church, and cannot and should not be central to the church’s mission, popularity, or effectiveness. It is the “job” of the pastor to point people to Christ, the author and perfecter of the church. The Church’s only foundation is Jesus Christ.


Professional: At least five years of pastoral experience Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in a ministry-related field Personal: We consider the characteristics described in passages such as 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4 to be imperative for all leaders in the church Ascribe to our Statement of Faith and Membership Covenant Be comfortable with and eager to interact with people of all ages and in all walks of life

Compensation: The compensation package is negotiable and logically based on the experience, credentials, and personal needs of the candidate.

About our Church: Valley Bible Fellowship began in 1977 when a small group of Christ-followers began to meet in a home for worship, teaching, fellowship, prayer, and encouragement. They were exemplifying Acts 2 in being the church, but came from a variety of doctrinal backgrounds. Through it all, they were very committed to Christ and to one another. This small group of believers asked Dick Jones to be their pastor in June 1983. The church body grew and in 1989, they built the original building, which has been added onto several times. Dick Jones continued as pastor until June 2009 when he retired. Dean Selden, a former Valley Bible youth pastor, was asked to pastor the church. Now, in January 2022, Dean is moving to full-time ministry at Uplift Mountain, a Christian camp his family started in the Wet Mountains. Valley Bible Fellowship is people! We are still a group of Christ-followers who are deeply committed to Christ and to one another. This has sustained us through difficult times. We still come from a variety of denominational backgrounds but have a strong desire to move past the differences, to honor and glorify God, and to build His kingdom. We are families with young children, families with teens, empty nesters, retirees, widows/widowers, singles, and divorcees. We’ve chosen to live with rural life, gravel roads, snowstorms and drought, one grocery store and no stoplights, the beauty and harshness of the mountains, and the joy of following our Lord Jesus in the journey.

About our Community: Custer County is made up of sister cities, Westcliffe and Silver Cliff, situated at just under 8,000 feet and nestled in the valley between the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the west and the Wet Mountains to the east. The population is approximately 4,750, growing particularly in the retired and young family demographics. It is a rural community, with one grocery store and no stoplights. The closest larger population centers are a one-hour drive away (Pueblo, Canon City, and Salida). A large percentage of the terrain is national forest land and the dominant industries are cattle and hay. People from all over the world visit Westcliffe not only for the views of the mountains, but for abundant recreational activities including hiking, fishing, camping, and horseback riding.

Contact Information: You are welcome to fill out and submit the online version of our application via the link on our website,, or print out the paper copy, scan, and email back to Sara Horton at

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