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Youth and Children's Ministry

Student Ministries Director

High Point Church
Posted: 03/16/2022
Salary/Range: To be discussed
Madison, WI


The Student Ministries Director’s responsibility is to introduce young people to Christ; to disciple them in spiritual growth; to train them in serving Christ with their lives. Of equal importance is their role in partnering with parents or guardians in raising their middle and high schoolers to love the Lord and be mature in their faith. Finally, the Student Ministries Director oversees and supports the volunteers who guide and nurture the young people in these ministries. 

Spiritual Requirements

  • Confesses Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • Able to share with others a clear testimony of Christian faith.
  • Has consistent discipline in their devotional life in worship, prayer, Bible study and reflection.
  • Obeys the Scriptural directives for growth and development of an individual Christian life, demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit and attitudes and actions of “servant-leadership” as indicated in the life of Jesus and throughout Scripture.
  • Embraces Scriptural standards for behavior and attitudes in both physical and digital spaces.
  • Pursues a vibrant relationship with the triune God through engagement with Scripture, prayer and worship, both individually and in community.
  • Develops self-leadership:  growing in self-awareness, self-management, relational integrity, and healthy practices including rest.
  • Agrees fully with the Articles of Faith, Constitution and By-laws of High Point Church.


  • Relationally warm, respectful and helpful towards others, treating people courteously and diplomatically.
  • Humble. Has a teachable attitude and a desire to grow spiritually and personally
  • Has a deep sense of responsibility for and commitment to the High Point Church mission, vision and values.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree is preferred
  • At least three years youth ministry experience in a growing youth ministry
  • Experience managing others

Competencies and Expectations

  • A strong walk with God through a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Teachable, with a desire to grow in their faith and abilities
  • A self starter—highly motivated
  • Has a passion for youth ministry
  • Understands youth culture today
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • A good role model
  • Team player with effective relational skills (works well with others)

Position Responsibilities and Duties

  • Establish programs for the youth ministry (middle and senior high school students) that agrees with the church vision.  
    • Create a Biblical purpose statement for the youth group including at least these three elements: evangelism, spiritual growth (which includes fellowship, worship and Biblical teaching), and student leadership
    • Explain the purpose statement and how it fits with vision of the church to all volunteers, staff, and student leaders
  • Develop and lead programs according to the purpose of the youth ministry
    • Create outreach programs, activities and events (evangelism)
    • Plan spiritual growth/discipleship programs, activities and events that include opportunities for kids to worship, fellowship with each other, learn Biblical truths and apply them to their lives (spiritual growth)
    • Plan programs, activities or events, developing students who want to reach out and serve others, impacting them with the love of Christ (student leadership)
  • Recruit and train volunteer leaders to help you with your purpose
    • Every student should know an adult who is praying, caring and investing in their lives
    • Meet regularly with your volunteers and staff
    • Build into your team with consistent training and equipping
    • Provide annual training events or conferences for your team
    • Help with the administrative aspects of the ministry
  • Build and maintain relationships with kids both churched and unchurched
    • Meet regularly with kids from the youth group
    • Befriend several unchurched kids with no strings attached
    • Seek out opportunities to “hang out” with kids on campus, at sports events, or in the community
  • Build and maintain quality relationships with parents
    • Clearly share the programs and how it follows the vision of the church with parents so they understand the purpose of the youth ministry
    • Create avenues of consistent contact with parents (regular e-newsletters, annual parent meetings, etc.)  
    • Become aware of the needs of the parents
  • Network with other youth workers in the community
    • Initiate contact with other youth workers to pray for the community
    • Meet regularly with other youth workers, encouraging each other, sharing ideas and experiences
    • Program or attend area events with other youth ministries annually
  • Set and oversee the youth ministry budget
    • Set a budget that reflects the values in your vision and purpose
    • Be prudent with finances, sticking with the budget you set
  • Involve students in the ministry of the church as a whole, supporting and participating in the church’s vision, worship services, and activities  
  • Attend church staff meetings.
  • Provide a weekly report to the Senior Associate Pastor of your goals, accomplishments, prayers and praises.
  • Additional responsibilities, as requested.


  • Reports to Senior Associate Pastor 
  • Works alongside all other ministry staff 
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